So it’s band launch season again, and yes we know that Greece is having issues with their debt to the World Bank, and America has problems with deep racism manifesting itself through police brutality and unjust black murders, and the murder rate is still high in sweet ole TnT. But if you love mas and carnival, you can’t help but pay a little attention to the costumes and excitement of Band Launch Season. Maybe if you have a conscience you may feel a little bad for relishing in this excitement, but it is what it is, so let’s get over the guilt and get on with it.


Tribe launched Saturday 18th, and although I wasn’t paying much attention to all the rah rah, when I awoke Sunday morning to all the pics on my Instagram feed, I was pleasantly surprised with the costumes. I have to give Jack his jacket and give Tribe their kudos. The costume quality looked a lot more improved from last year’s smattering of scanty gems on bras. Next year’s costumes are exuberant and as I am most years, I was impressed with Solange Govia’s costume contributions: Azalea and Black Widow for Tribe, Honey and Tangled Web for Bliss were all innovative and creative as per usual for Solange; she is always a trendsetter. Anya Ayoung-Chee’s contribution Xantico was also visually stimulating, as was Scorpion Sting by Ruana Booker-Evans.


But the biggest surprise was The Lost Tribe. I am so impressed with their effort to contribute to the carnival in a creative way and not just in a financial aspect. I was happy to see them using the young talented artists of the country to promote and propel the carnival forward in a positive way. It’s a start and who knows where this will go; the future is bright and limitless. Due to their league of supporters, Tribe has such a great stage to showcase our talent, and I am elated to see them finally harvesting this creative energy. I hope they continue to invest in our art and culture. My favorite in this new venture for Tribe was Poui Blossom by Zidelle. I also loved how they used different body types in presenting these portrayals, and they tried to include everyone. That being said, however, I still don’t agree with their committee membership registration especially for past loyal masqueraders, so I am still not a fan, but hey, to each his own.










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Malaika Crichlow is a daughter of the twin isle of Trinidad and Tobago. She resides in Miami, Florida and has been for the past 19 years. She is an aspiring author who hopes to publish children’s books, novels on Caribbean life, and books of poetry. Writing has always been a passion and sometimes a distant dream, but always brings her unparalleled joy. When she is not writing, she is a mother, a nurse, a student, and a lover of life and laughter.


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