Haaaarts! OK, so I can’t help but be excited about Harts because for me, Harts is nostalgia. The band evokes memories of my teenage years and before. Harts isn’t just a carnival band; Harts is unequivocally history. Their costumes should be in a mas museum somewhere in Trinidad with other greats such as Peter Minshall, Wayne Berkely, Errol Payne, Brian Mac Farlane, and prototypes from the big band Poison. I mean, this list could go on forever because it would have to span decades of mas and encompass all the different types of mas that Trinidad Carnival has produced. But I digress, let’s just say I have a soft spot for Harts.

I have never played with Harts, but I have jumped up with them in my youth, and although they are known to be “The White Band” due to the majority of the demographics of the band, I can’t say I ever felt unwanted or out of place. I only remember great times. I also find it quite ironic that Harts is one of the few bands that do not abide by a committee registration process and that alone accords them my admiration. But that is not all that accounts for my admiration. Their costumes are on fire, but I always thought that they produced pretty costumes, maybe not always with much originality, but pretty just the same.

Yet this year, something about their color combinations and use of accessories stands out. Again, the one and only Solange Govia has done an innovative and gorgeous costume Boho Chic. Apparently a part of some collaboration with Bliss, but the technicalities are insignificant for me: the costume is what has me obsessed. My favorite though has to be Bijoux, and I can’t get enough; I keep going back to the website to look at the intricate design and gem work. This is the costume I love for the season so far. Fierce also captured my attention, but to be honest, all were superb and well executed. I will let the pictures speak for themselves. So by and large my heart belongs to Harts this year.

For more information check out website: http://www.hartscarnival.com/vogue/




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Malaika Crichlow is a daughter of the twin isle of Trinidad and Tobago. She resides in Miami, Florida and has been for the past 19 years. She is an aspiring author who hopes to publish children’s books, novels on Caribbean life, and books of poetry. Writing has always been a passion and sometimes a distant dream, but always brings her unparalleled joy. When she is not writing, she is a mother, a nurse, a student, and a lover of life and laughter.


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