REVELNATION- A dawn of a new era for Miami Carnival

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Miami Carnival is fast approaching and the excitement is building for what promises to be a great experience for those of us that miss and crave that home carnival feeling, for me that is a Trini Carnival, for others it varies. Why am I so excited for this year’s Miami Carnival experience after not caring much about Miami carnival for years? Well, it all has to do with the designing talents of one known as Oylan Baldeosingh and her venture with Scorch and Hybrid Events to bring a band for Miami Carnival. When I heard the news, I thought I was going to drop with the excitement. Scorch is known for their epic parties in both Trinidad and now abroad, and Hybrid Events has a strong reputation in South Florida for the same reasons. Scorch and Hybrid Events have combined in the last two Miami Carnivals for some fun events and I can say from experience that they were oh so very fun.

I have lived in Miami for 20 years and had never been inclined to play mas until 2013, when I saw the “SIREN” costume designed by Oylan for BLOOM CARNIVAL, her private section in Mascots. That, my fellow carnival lovers, was the first time I got that “I must play mas in that costume or die feeling for Miami Carnival.” Last year, I had the chance to actually play with an equally, if not more beautiful costume appropriately titled “AMAZONIA.” But those who know mas, know that these were not Oylan’s first dabbles in the mas world. Oylan has designed costumes for Poison and Island People in the past, all of which were breathtaking and creative. Her use of different materials and attention to detail for her vision is second to none. So when I heard she was a part of this new band’s venture and would be designing not just one costume but four, I couldn’t wait to see what her creative juices would birth, and I must say I was not disappointed.

ELEMENTALS is the 2016 portrayal that includes the sections Earth, Fire, Wind and Water. Oylan collaborated with Douglas John for the costume designs and their colour selection and combinations were refreshing and fabulous in my humble opinion. The quality of her work is incomparable (my “AMAZONIA” costume from last year is still intact). But Oylan is more than just a boss costume designer; she takes time to ensure your costume fits well, and all your questions and concerns are answered. You won’t feel ignored or dismissed when wearing an Oylan Baldeosingh design  — you will feel like family. This quiet, humble, reserved and down to earth veteran in the Mas game is a pleasure to work with regarding your costume. All I can say is run, don’t walk to register with REVELNATION because they have all the elements necessary for an insane, fun road experience. Scorch and Hybrid Events know how to bring the vibes and adding Oylan’s costume expertise means you can’t go wrong. Here you’ll find all the aspects of an extraordinary carnival experience are in place.

For more information check out their website at:

Miami Carnival is October 11th, 2015. For more information on Miami Carnival check out their website:

(Pictures by Malaika Crichlow)

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