Prepare for Trinidad & Tobago Carnival With These Tips

Original Posted August 7th 2015 Making a decision to go experience Carnival in Trinidad & Tobago is one that you will never regret as long as you live.  This annual festivity,…

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Top Five Caribbean Festivals in January

      NAME ACCOMPONG FESTIVAL   DATES January 6th   COUNTRY Jamaica   DESCRIPTION In 1739 runaway Maroon slaves signed a peace treaty with the British to gain semi-sovereignty…

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Sister Carol-Top 5 Things To Know

Sister Carol’s name is often cited among the list of influential women in reggae. She is also known as the Black Cinderella (also the name of her record label) In…

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Shea Shea Brightens Up Anguilla’s Soca Scene

Shea Shea is a Soca Artiste from the island of Anguilla. In 2017 she launched her career as a solo artiste after almost twelve years on the local band circuit. 2) She…

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K’Danye Has Just Had Enough Of Poverty

K’Danye, also known as Kedanieh Myers, was born in Jamaica. She first started writing songs while in high school and was heavily influenced by popular acts at the time in…

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Akae Beka (Vaughn Bejamin)-Tribute To A Reggae Revolutionary

He has been described as an influential visionary, an extraordinary lyricist and an introspective observer of human behaviour. Whatever title you may choose to assign to Akae Beka, one thing…

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