Island People Mas.




Island People Mas had their launch a few Fridays ago after the hoorah of all the other major mas bands, and the costumes look nice enough. I always love to see their costumes because I always see something new or something different in the designs that I don’t see in the other bands. I especially love their use of a diverse model selection, which allows their costumes to shine and sparkle against the different skin tones, very emblematic of a kaleidoscope of color.

Their presentation this year is Pantheon. I have never played mas with them, but they appear to be a fun band from what I have seen, with a penchant for no behavior on the road. If wildness is your thing, I think Island People Mas may be the band for you. The frontline headpieces look huge and full of plumage which is most evident in the costumes “Guardian” and “Fertility.” “Guardian of Wealth” also is a favorite of mine. I particularly loved the colors in “Queen of the Guardians” and the costume “Guardian of the Forest” stood out to me, too. “Guardian of Love” was so pretty, but I love pink, so I may be biased. Anyway, I will let you judge for yourself. Check out the costumes below.



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Malaika Crichlow is a daughter of the twin isle of Trinidad and Tobago. She resides in Miami, Florida and has been for the past 19 years. She is an aspiring author who hopes to publish children’s books, novels on Caribbean life, and books of poetry. Writing has always been a passion and sometimes a distant dream, but always brings her unparalleled joy. When she is not writing, she is a mother, a nurse, a student, and a lover of life and laughter.



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