Why Does Natasha Andrews Advise Caribbean Creatives To Plan While Others Play? || Branding Bloopers

Natasha Andrews has successfully launched the careers of several Caribbean creatives (Karibbean Kreatives) including musical artistes Lyrikal and Rembunction. As a manager, her sometimes understated style belies her larger-than-life presence when handling business for those under her care. She is very much about the business and it is that focus and intensity that has made her one of the more respected business managers in the Caribbean entertainment industry.  Underneath it all, is a long-held affinity for entrepreneurship and a passion to represent her Caribbean culture well. She has put in the work over the years and now she knows what it takes to be a success.  

In this episode of Branding Bloopers, Natasha describes her journey establishing her business, Mastamind Productions. She describes the mistakes she made while branding her business in the beginning that led her to being very meticulous with details as she grew in her career. She also describes the balance of managing business for her clients while still trying to foster an ability in them to independently manage themselves. And, she also details the need for Caribbean creatives (Karibbean Kreatives) to think ideas through, plan for the inevitable and to have a support system to bounce ideas off to ensure success.

Click the link below to listen to this week’s Branding Bloopers episode featuring Natasha Andrews of Mastamind Productions.

About Mastamind Productions

Mastamind Productions is an award-winning full range music production and management company (https://mastamindproductions.com/)

BRANDING BLOOPERS is a series focused on having open conversations about the mistakes (bloopers) Karibbean Kreatives make while building their brands with the goal of educating others on what they can avoid.

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Vide Edits by: Noran Price


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