Liberty White Says Revolutionize Your Content By Knowing Your Audience

This episode is sponsored and co-hosted by the Jamaica Chamber Of Commerce

Liberty White is a pioneer and a visionary. Throughout her career she continued to be a disruptor that welcomed opportunities to continuously change the game. In this chapter of her career, that theme remains consistent. As the Chief Executive Officer of CHOZEN MEDIA, she continues to identify needs in the marketplace. She is adept at creating innovative solutions for her target market that they sometimes are not even aware that they need. In this world of content overload, her business, CHOZEN MEDIA creates innovative video content solutions. CHOZEN MEDIA is a boutique video marketing agency that helps businesses develop interactive experiences with live streaming and digital marketing.

In this episode of Branding Bloopers, Liberty speaks on the need for those establishing their brands to know their audience. Having a strong sense of the need of a business’ target market is the first step to creating a solution for them. It is also an integral step to help overwhelmed entrepreneurs and Karibbean Kreatives to identify what content and content channels need to be focused on to drive awareness, engagement and sales.

Click video below to listen to the Branding Bloopers interview featuring Liberty White (IG: Chozen Media)

Co-hosted by Suen Shaw of the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce.

SOUND OFF: What was the most valuable advice from Liberty that you can apply to your brand?


CHOZEN MEDIA is a boutique video marketing agency that helps businesses develop intercative experiences with live streaming and digital marketing. (

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