Men Who Still Think Dey Could Cook (Caribbean Event Review)

Men Who Still Think they COuld Cook

The sky was black, the rain was pouring and the question was on everyone’s mind (even though no one dared say it aloud)….is the event still on? Then, the first email came. The content (loosely paraphrased) was a simple one liner; ‘I hope all you men chicken out so I can claim my 1st, 2nd and 3rd trophy.’ At that point, I think everyone let out a collective sigh of relief, fully aware that the email signaled to all participants that the affair was definitely on, and, it also signaled that those who punked out would definitely live to regret it. And so it began.

The 13th Annual  ‘Men Who Still Think Dey Could Cook.’ An event that showcases the culinary skills of the men in the Caribbean community, as they compete for the title of Top Chef. This coveted title is based on the judges and patrons assessment of the quality of the food and the presentation of the meal.

It is designed as a fun fund-raiser and community builder, but, there is also the added benefit of promoting role models of well rounded men who can work their way around a kitchen as well as they can a sports field. This affair, hosted by KMP and Georgia Caribbean Culture (GCC Inc.) truly delivered this year with record breaking attendance . Everyone seemed to have a great time, and left with their bellies full.


C&J Hideaway has the appeal of being both an indoor and outdoor location. So as a promoter,  you know that come rain or shine, your event will continue. It was the perfect location for this event. Various chefs set up their grills and pots outside to ensure the freshest food possible, while others continued to work on the presentation of their booths inside. In true West Indian style, everybody found a friend and a corner, and ate their food over some good Caribbean ‘ole talk.’


There was young. There was old. And there was everything in between. The event was a true community affair. The one theme that kept crossing my mind as I observed it all was ‘Connections.’ Folks who had not seen each other for a while were reunited over great food, drink and music. There was representation from all different islands in both the food and the patrons.  The men of the community led the charge with the food, while the women and children flitted from booth to booth to enjoy the delicacies.


The best part of the afternoon for me was watching the friendly competition between the men, as each vied to earn their place in the Top 3. From the subtle hints with their aprons (last year’s winner had an apron with the words ‘Dude with the Food.’) to the overt jests; there was an environment of camradrie and friendly competition from start to finish. The event flowed smoothly with host, Krista Ifill, keeping patrons informed on how things would run, food was well (and comically) labelled. Some of my favorite meals were the ‘Drunk & Disorderly’ Rum Cake and the Trump Mexican Caribbean corn. Throw in music from the very talented Marquis, (chaperoned by DJ Madd Flava) a fully stocked bar and lots of laughter and you already know it was an affair to remember. Congratulations to all the winners; Chef Anil-1st Prize; Chef Kwame-2nd Prize; Chef Pete-3rd Prize and Chef Chris for Most Potential.  I can’t wait to see what next year’s dishes look like.

Event Sponsors:

  • Tassa Restaurant|| Dev Tech LLC|| Maracas Bay Tropical Cuisine || C&J Hideaway || Priestess Productions|| C&J Hideaway ||KMP || Georgia Caribbean Culture Inc. || 2BKaribbean

Check out the video for more pictures and more details on how the event was started….

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