Mapy the Violinist Destroys Stereotypes One Musical Note at a Time

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Her sweet and endearing personality strikes a daring contrast to her laser-focused musical persona who continues to shatter stereotypes every time she plays her violin. When Mapy the Violinist plays her instrument, she takes on the  role of a cultural ambassador who is determined to challenge the status quo. In this role, she has contested many stereotypes, such as, a Caribbean cultural ambassador should be born in the region, or, the one that saysyou are more likely to be a  conservative person if you play classical music’ or even the stereotype that says ‘classical music is the accepted genre of choice for violin players’. This daughter of African soil has embraced the challenge of being different in a world that is more comfortable with the familiar.  She is serious about her role as an original thinker and cultural ambassador and she  is determined to use her violin as her tool to introduce the world to Caribbean music.

Find out more about Mapy below.

Tell us a little more about yourself?

fullsizerender-3Mapy is from an island called Reunion which is close to Madagascar (off the East Coast of Southern Africa). She grew up in Paris and then moved to Guadeloupe where she was a violin teacher. That was the beginning of her love affair with Caribbean music. (More in video)

What sparked your interest in classical music?

Mapy started playing the violin at age six. Thanks to the encouragement of her mother and grandfather who were both music enthusiasts. Her grandfather made traditional instruments from their island and her mother’s interest in music spanned many countries and genres, so it was almost inevitable that Mapy would embrace music as a career choice. (More in video)

Was your family happy when you decided to become a musician?

Mapy’s  family is very proud of her choice. By her own admission, the violin is a difficult instrument to commit too fullsizerender-4because it requires a lot of time and sacrifice. The thing that makes her family most proud is that she did not give up on her dream despite the challenges. (More in video)

How do you use your music to promote Caribbean culture?

While living in Paris, Mapy had many friends from the Caribbean. From a very early age, she fell in love with the country and the music. So it was no surprise that she embraced the opportunity to be a music teacher in Guadeloupe (in the French Caribbean). Now, she uses her violin to pay tribute to the culture that she fell in love with . She has performed at several Carnivals in Europe and been introduced to different Caribbean artistes.  She is fully aware that many people are familiar with the violin but not Caribbean culture.  Playing Caribbean music on the violin is her way of filling the information void.  ‘Playing my violin is a tribute to Caribbean culture.’ (More in video)

I am trying to make the world discover Caribbean music with my violin.

fullsizerender-5What has been your biggest challenge with the mission of being an Ambassador?

Mapy’s biggest challenge was quitting her day job to pursue her musical career. It was a big step outside of her comfort zone. At the beginning of her journey as a professional musician, she played classical music in Paris. It was obvious from the start that she had a different approach to the music which was not necessarily embraced by her musical community at the time. But in her mind, ‘she is an island girl who wanted to maintain that side of her personality in her music. In her opinion,  ‘Music is universal and the violin is not only a classical instrument it is an instrument.’ (More in video)

A lot of people from the classical industry did not understand why I was so different, but I was simply (being) me- I am an island girl and I just wanted to stay ME.


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  • Michael jones

    November 8, 2016 at 6:21 am

    I will like to go to a show that mapy is performing at. But can’t seem to find no shows or concert. Can u please give me some more info about mapy shows or conserts. And has she got any plans to perform in london? Thanks

  • Clara A.

    October 9, 2017 at 4:43 am

    It takes alot of courage and amazing talent to do what Mapy does. I found her through Instagram on Chris Browns page when he reposted her video and she’s the best thing Ive came across all year!!! Her talent is raw and insane and I cant wait to see her perform live and support her work. She couldve easily fell into mainstream classical but her fierceness and determination opened me and many others Im sure, up to a God send of music!!! I pray for your success and that everyone sees the beauty in your talent and all that you do Mapy!! Youre astounding!

    • BiraBiro

      November 14, 2017 at 3:33 pm

      We totally agree! One in a million and she has our support 300%



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