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Marketing Moves is a series highlighting Caribbean artistes who use innovative marketing moves to differentiate their brand. This week we feature Jamaican bred dancehall artiste-Shensea and her social media campaign for ‘Blessed.’

Anything she touches seems to turn to gold.

Her team has developed an undeniable brand that continues to reap many tangible rewards through various deals and promotional opportunities. Shensea is definitely soaking in all the benefits of it. Her latest example is from her music release on Interscope Records featuring rap artiste ‘Tyga.’ The song entitled ‘Blessed’ dropped in May and is still top of mind for many. We have seen Rihanna jamming to the video on an Instagram ‘live’ post among others. The video that already has over twenty-seven (27) million views showcases the island of Jamaica, Rastafarian culture, dancehall culture and of course the Caribbean staple- beautiful beaches. Shensea’s team is making sure ‘Blessed’ remains top of mind with a competition that invites fans to tag her in a video of them interpreting the lyrics of Blessed in their own unique way. It is one of the more successful social media campaigns of late. Here is what she is getting right.


  1. Diversity that includes the diaspora

    • Shensea and team did not limit the contest. Everyone who is anybody was invited which allowed a diverse range of videos to be submitted from across the Caribbean and the world at large. It was a great way to tap into a wider market and drive even more traffic to the video.
  2. Leverages viral nature of social media

    • Shensea created brand ambassadors as each person who submitted a video engages their own fan base to support them. She reposts the video to give each contestant time to shine on her Instagram page, which already boasts over one (1) million followers. Most new artistes are so excited about that, they encourage their individual fan base to engage with the video on the page. As a result, she is driving more traffic to her page and more listeners to her song.
  3. She is having fun with it and so are her fans

    • Shensea is not afraid to laugh at herself and other people. The persona she has developed on social media has made it OK for her to poke fun in a light way and that has created an environment that makes it OK for contestants to have fun with the videos and play with the silly side of their creativity. It makes for a wide-range of diverse videos that casual observers can enjoy and look forward too.
  4. Allows fans to showcase their individual talents

    • There were no major limits imposed on video submissions. As a result, the variety in the videos have been engaging, fun and unique. There have been steel-band submissions, dancers, drummers and singers-a diverse range of talents that all put their own customized spin on the music.

5. A meaningful prize

  • Most people that participate in viral campaigns do it for the fun of it and to enjoy some hype and internet fame. Shensea’s team upped the stakes by throwing in a $2000 cash prize which serves two purposes. It increases the number of submissions and has the long-term benefit of positively affecting a life. Who would not want to participate with such high stakes?

From a marketing perspective, the team did a great job of pulling just the right levers to make this campaign successful. Shensea’s team knows her audience and as a result they know the marketing moves that engage them. This knowledge has translated into millions of YouTube views and even more moneymaking opportunities. Hats off to a successful social media campaign.

SOUND OFF: Which is your favorite video submission for the ‘Blessed’ contest?



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