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Marketing Moves is a series highlighting Caribbean artistes who use innovative marketing tactics to differentiate their brand. This week we feature veteran dancehall artiste-Spragga Benz and his pioneering move in the Spotlight Series at the Grammy Museum.


It was a subtle move. It was a smooth move. It was a pioneering move. It was a move that burst a previously unexplored door wide open for other Caribbean artistes to walk through. On October 3rd, Spragga Benz made history as the first dancehall/reggae act to be featured in the Spotlight Series at the Grammy Museum experience. ‘The Spotlight Series, which takes place two-to-three times each month, provides intimate conversations with recording artists about their creative process, history, current and future projects.’* The event was held at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey and included a question and answer session hosted by Mark Conklin followed by a musical performance by Spragga Benz.

“It’s great to see dancehall/reggae get some recognition and acceptance by the Grammys, which is the pinnacle of mainstream music; it’s about time,” commented Remy Gerstein, vice president/co-founder of Easy Star Records.*

This was a huge stride for the movement towards global recognition of Caribbean music. An innovative move that stands out in the world of music marketing and is definitely worth taking note of. Here are the top five reasons why this Marketing Move made our list.


  1. First of its kind

    • It is very rare in this day age for any artiste to make an unprecedented marketing move.

      These days, it almost seems like there is nothing new under the sun. Then there was this. A marketing move that forces other artistes to sit up and pay attention because it is testimony that there are still new avenues to be explored when bringing new music to the masses. No stranger to being a pioneer in the business, Spragga Benz, has once again shown the value of seeking non –traditional routes to promoting music.

  2. Non-traditional Yet Impactful

    • These days there is an almost formulaic approach to introducing new music to audiences. Creative graphics, a lyrics video followed by an official video on YouTube followed by a hope and prayer that the music connects with the audience and an exhausting vigil ‘counting views’. This appearance at the Spotlight Series took the pressure off the traditional markers of commercial success and created a space for fans to simply connect directly with the artiste. Add in the many note-worthy brands associated with the event such as Grammy Museum, Mark Conklin and Spragga Benz and you have an unforgettable event.
  3. Unique Format

    • It was not the typical ‘perform new songs and hope people like it’ format.  The setting at the Grammy Museum created a space for attendees to get to know the artiste on a more intimate level. They were able to get more insights into his over thirty year musical journey , his diverse musical influences and the other dimensions to the artiste. This approach gave the Chilliagon album  some context and depth which creates a meaningful point of connection for those in attendance. A sentiment they hopefully pass on to those they share the album with.
  4. Small But Mighty

    • It was not a stage performance front of thousands of people at a stadium. The Prudential Center created a more intimate setting with a preference for quality over quantity. Loyal fans who were eager to learn more about the many sides of the artistes, braved the rain and made their presence known. In a world of likes, follows, and an insatiable need to always be the biggest and best, this marketing move showed that ‘great things are done by a series of small things put together’ ~Vincent Van Gogh
  5. Followed Up With An Even Bigger Move

    • As if being the first dancehall/reggae act at the Grammy Museum was not powerful enough. Spragga Benz followed up this pioneering move with a number one placement on the Billboard charts. It was a seal on the deal of this epic marketing move. And that’s that on that.

It is difficult to truly stand out in today’s crowded market place. Ever so often a Caribbean artiste makes a marketing move that truly differentiates them from the rest. This was one.

Congrats to team Spragga Benz. Album available at www.easystar.com/chilliagon. Follow Spragga Benz on Facebook | Instagram | Twitter.




SOUND OFF: What is your favorite song on the Chilliagon Album?




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