MAJAH HYPE Masters the Business of Caribbean Comedy

After leaving Majah Hype’s company, I remained with three unquestionable truths; he is serious about Caribbean unity, serious about perfecting his craft and serious about leaving his legacy.
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There is a shrewd twinkle in his eye that can be easily overlooked as you laugh at the many jokes coming out of his mouth.  But, make no mistake- Majah Hype is a man that sees all, retains most and comments on a select few. This social media sensation has created a unique niche for himself as a comedian. His ability to mimic accents from around the Caribbean continues to build the mystique about what island he is actually from. His large base of social media supporters eagerly awaits his new skits and characters every week with almost cult like anticipation. And, as we spent time preparing for our interview, I started to understand the man behind the viral videos more and why he has earned the title of ‘trailblazer’ as he continues to build towards even more success.

As we waited around for the videographer to prepare, Majah spotted my steel pan on the porch and started tinkling a few non-descript notes. I chuckled to myself as I thought of the many people who just can’t seem to pass by the instrument without touching it. Fast -forward less than ten (10) minutes later I return to hear Majah playing the first verse of David Rudder’s calypso classic, ‘Hammer,’ not exactly an easy song to grasp, far less in a few minutes. I guess Majah’s claims to have a photographic memory and musical talent are not unfounded. We then walked through the house on the way to record when he spots the ‘AbRoller’ in the living room.  I step away for a few seconds and return to a full blown recording of a skit introducing a new character, Indian Bull Pissal who has created the Wine Master to get Carnival lovers in shape.  His ability to see comedy in the most mundane items is amazing. In the short time we spent together I was introduced to a man with a natural comedic talent, a keen eye, photographic memory, a strong work ethic, sharp business acumen and a humble and endearing personality. And, my ‘spidey’ sense suspects that I have only scratched the surface.

After leaving Majah Hype’s company, I remained with three unquestionable truths; he is serious about Caribbean unity, he is serious about perfecting his craft and he is serious about leaving his legacy.

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You have opened up an untapped market for Caribbean comedians. Was that intentional and what was the inspiration behind it?

Throughout his years as a DJ and party-goer, Majah realized that Caribbean people seemed to default to parties as the comfort zone for entertainment. But for him, Caribbean culture has so much more to offer than that. To him, any person throughout the diaspora who visits their home country is welcomed back with lots of  jokes and laughter and that’s an aspect of our culture that he wanted to capitalize on, and promote.  More in video.

How does your brand of comedy unify the Caribbean and where do you want to see it go in a few years?

Majah has made a decision to sacrifice his own nationality for everyone else’s  as he furthers his mission of Caribbean unity. He believes that if he reveals where he is from, natural biases will develop and erode the platform of unity that he has developed through his skits. He also uses his skits to educate the Caribbean islands about each other’s differences and similarities. More in video.


How does your background in music and being on the stage influence the quality of your performances now?

Majah’s upbringing was one that reinforced discipline and moral values. There was also early exposure to music and performing. He played the saxophone and trombone, learned to read and play music very early in life. This engrained a love for entertaining at a young age, and also manufactured a maturity beyond his physical age. He feels at home on stage and often performs way beyond his scheduled time for the sake of entertaining his fans. More in video.


Tell us about how you keep the business aspect of your brand very strong.

Majah credits a strong team for success. To him, ‘your team has to believe in you more than you believe in yourself.’  In his opinion, talent is just one part of the equation. He draws the analogy of the multitude of talented sportsmen who can surpass the talent of many famous superstars but who are still at home playing in a park. He believes that the one thing that differentiates the superstars from those still in the park is their business acumen. With his business dealings he tends to stay loyal to promoters who show a vested interest in building his talent rather than making a quick dollar. More in video.

Share one of your biggest challenges and advice for those coming upon how to overcome challenges.

Majah is a firm believer that you cannot get frustrated even when you are not seeing your desired results. He mentions the birth of his daughter as an epiphany moment for him; it was the life event that forced him to get serious about his career as a comedian. He worked traditional jobs in the past but it was not fulfilling him.  He is the first to acknowledge that the road to success is long, hard and requires sacrifice and dedication. He is a single parent and the main provider for his children but often has to miss time with them for the sake of building a legacy that they can be proud of.

‘You cannot put a time limit on success because your life can change drastically overnight after hustling for years.’ More in video.

What can we look forward to with your new movie, ‘Foreign Minds Think Alike?’

In essence it’s a movie that mimics his viral videos in that there are jokes with a message behind them. For Majah, it’s been a long time since the Caribbean has had a comedic feature film. The movie features many Caribbean heavy-hitters such as Lyrikal, Tarrus Riley, Black Rhino, Dj Young Chow, Steelie Bashment to name but a few. To Majah, Caribbean people have definitely cornered the market on plays, but, comedic film development has seemed to elude us. The film is currently in the screening phase and has been shown in Toronto, Montreal, New York and Atlanta. It will also be shown in Washington DC, Florida, Los Angeles and the Caribbean. It will also be available online.  It’s an independent film that was funded from Majah’s pocket. Unfortunately he was unable to secure corporate sponsorship for the filming, but fortunately for him that means his business owns the full rights to the film. More in video.


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