MJ Morgan Builds A Musical Legacy from his Heritage

Many may know the Grammy award winning reggae band Morgan Heritage for their various hits throughout the years. Now even more people are going to be more aware of  one of the Morgan Heritage family siblings who is coming to the stage with new tunes and a vibe of his own. MJ Morgan has just released a new single called “My Girl-“ A sensual ballad over a rhythm professing his affection for the woman he loves.

Although the humble twenty five year old has not graced the stage much, he has been entrenched in the music industry for some time now which has honed his talent. He has been producing tracks for his siblings since the age of sixteen (16) which was when he realized his true musical genius. MJ Morgan joined Morgan Heritage on their World Tour, performing in places such as North and South America, London, Germany, Amsterdam, the Caribbean, etc. His international exposure has led to a diverse array of musical capacity and contributes to his production of genres from Hip Hop, to Reggae, Pop, R&B, and so on. To MJ Morgan, music is much more than a career, to him music is the heartbeat of life.

Listen to interview below:

Video by Yocas Films

Do you want to hear this song on the radio?

What was the inspiration for the song?

MJ says that he wrote the song while thinking of a woman who provides everything for her man. Even though he understands that all men have different needs, this song can be played by any man in tribute to the qualities his woman brings to the table…. Learn more in video

Is reggae your music genre of choice?

MJ is quick to embrace his Reggae roots, but also admits that his life experiences have encouraged him to explore different musical genres…Learn more in video

Are you going to stick with the family name or branch out on your own?

MJ wants to continue to invest in where he came from….’so the family brand is what I am about, the Morgan heritage family is what brought me to where I am right now…’Learn more in video

What process of creating and developing music do you enjoy the most?

If by force I had to choose one, the process of creating the music is my favorite….. Learn more in video

How did you enjoy your first Atlanta Carnival experience?

It was something I did not expect but I definitely had fun. I enjoyed the moment. Soca music is a great representation of Carnival…Carnival was a great experience for me…Learn more in video

What can we look for in the future from MJ Morgan?

Although MJ willingly admits he is very new to the musical game, he is eager to make his mark  and contribute to the family’s musical legacyMJmorganiam.com…Learn more in video



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