Top 7 Caribbean Fitness Movements



It was inevitable; the natural marriage between the infectious rhythms of Caribbean music and fitness. Like its predecessor, Zumba, the exploding Caribbean dance fitness market has been reinvigorating lives and fitness routines one step at a time with its fresh approach. It serves the dual purpose of offering participants the health benefits of aerobic exercise while allowing them the freedom to dance and get lost in the music and movements. Again, like its predecessor, Zumba, I am excited to see these different fitness movements come together under one banner to promote the agenda of fitness throughout the Caribbean diaspora. My personal experience is that against the backdrop of soca and reggae, I have become fairly consistent with my exercise plan because it’s like experiencing my own personal Carnival 2 or 3 times a week. With Miami Carnival right around the corner and Trinidad Carnival creeping up shortly after, our team thought we would share some of our top picks of Caribbean fitness movements that will help everyone get their waistlines ready and their stamina in check.

  • Fet~ness
    • Tag Line: Putting Fete into Feteness
    • Description: The word Fete means an extravagant party in French, which perfectly describes how CaribeanFeteness Logo people party “Extravagantly” We took the infectious rhythms of music from all over the Caribbean and combined it with toning,resistance and strengthening exercises and Fet~ness was born
    • Location: Atlanta (Cosmic Energy Fitness Studio)
    • Website:
    • Contact:


  • Karib Fit
    • Tag Line: Energy. Intensity.Karib Fit logo
    • Description: KaribFIT™ is an invigorating dance and fitness program, infused with the cultures of the Caribbean and Africa. KaribFIT™ incorporates unique choreography, endurance exercises, toning, and core strength for a complete cardio and strength training workout.
    • Location: Maryland
    • Website:
    • Contact:


  • Fete Fit
    • Tag Line: Feel the Music. Feel the Burn.
    • Description: Our mission is to help you reach your health and fitness goals while having fun with aFete Fit Logo.jpg 2Caribbean flavor. With high energy cardio, dance, and Soca music we create an atmosphere that will keep you engaged.  
    • Location: Tampa, FL
    • Website:
    • Contact:


  • Socacize
    • Tag Line: Are you ready to sweat?Socacize Logo
    • Description: Socacize Fitness promotes self- confidence, discipline, accomplishment and appreciation through the art of Caribbean and African dance. We inspire every reveler to find the creativity inside herself/himself, to unleash & become empowered through the movement of dance.
    • Location: Canada, St. Lucia, Brooklyn
    • Website:
    • Contact:


  • Soca Afrobics (The Kross Movement)
    • Tag Line: Liberating your soul through DANCE & FITNESS!Kross Movement Logo
    • Description: The Kross Movement is a group of fitness classes fused with different styles of dance. Kross, is the the creators (Kiara Ross), first initial and last name. The Kross stands for an intersection between dance and fitness. The movement stands for being physical and mobile as well as joining and being a part of an event.
      Join The Kross Movement!
    • Location: New York
    • Website:
    • Contact:


  • Kamp Kamila
    • Description: The fitness & nutrition workshop that will leave you dripping in sweat, pumped with Kamp Kamila logoendorphins and ready to conquer the world
    • Location: Various, Jamaica
    • Website:
    • Contact:


  • Elle NY/TT
    • Description: Elle NYTT invites you to “Experience Different Styles.” The company offers open Elle NY TT Logoclassesfor adults, teens and kids at any experience level. Classes are provided in Soca, Folk, Dancehall, Hip Hop, Ballet, Modern and Latin.
    • Location: Trinidad and Tobago, New York
    • Website:
    • Contact:



Who is your Top Pick for Caribbean Fitness?
  • Kamp Kamila 23%, 53 votes
    53 votes 23%
    53 votes - 23% of all votes
  • Fet~ness 22%, 50 votes
    50 votes 22%
    50 votes - 22% of all votes
  • Kross Movement 19%, 43 votes
    43 votes 19%
    43 votes - 19% of all votes
  • Elle NYTT 11%, 25 votes
    25 votes 11%
    25 votes - 11% of all votes
  • Socacize 10%, 23 votes
    23 votes 10%
    23 votes - 10% of all votes
  • Karib Fit 10%, 22 votes
    22 votes 10%
    22 votes - 10% of all votes
  • Fete Fit 5%, 12 votes
    12 votes 5%
    12 votes - 5% of all votes
Total Votes: 228
September 24, 2015 - April 6, 2016
Voting is closed

(Disclaimer: This list was compiled by the subjective opinions and preferences of the 2BKaribbean team.  It does not by any means reflect the numerous Caribbean fitness classes that are prevalent throughout the diaspora. All images gathered through Google search-no copyright infringement intended)



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