Rita Marley’s Role As The Matriach Of One The Most Indelible Caribbean Brands

The Marley name and brand is one the most globally recognized brands out of the Caribbean. Marley is synonymous not only with music, but the name is also known for their merchandise, coffee, cannabis and even a radio station on Sirius XM (Tuff Gong International). This brand structure and business model is a lesson that many karibbean kreatives can learn from in terms of building generational wealth and creating a long-standing legacy. At the heart of this brand house is the matriarch of the Marley family-Rita Marley.


Alpharita (Rita) Constantia Marley, is a Cuban-born Jamaican singer and the widow of Bob Marley. Heralded as the matriarch of the talented Marley family and brand, Mrs. Marley sees her mission as to enlighten, educate and entertain
through her philanthropy and music – and this is exactly what she has exemplified throughout her life works.


A living legend, Mrs. Rita Marley has been awarded a long list of distinctions, degrees and awards, internationally and regionally. Including the Order of Distinction by the Jamaican government in 1996, and in 2010 the Marcus Garvey
Lifetime Award. On 3 August 2013, she was made an honorary citizen of Ghana by the Ghanaian government after years of doing meaningful work of assisting the poor and needy through the Rita Marley Foundation. In November 2015 Marley was awarded an honorary Doctor of Letters degree by the University of the West Indies.


Mrs. Rita Marley forged an extraordinary career as a solo artist. Her musical career has seen the production of four successful albums: Who feels It Knows It, Harambe, the 1992 GRAMMY nominated album We Must Carry On, and Spectacle For Tribuffalos, as well as the classic reggae album Beginning, with the I-Threes. Bob Marley is undisputedly the King of Reggae and his wife Mrs. Rita Marley is The Queen! Mrs. Rita Marley’s Mrs. Rita Marley upholds the artistic and cultural standards of reggae and reflects the versatility and diversity of reggae through the smooth blends of Gospel, Rhythm & Blues, Jazz and Soca.


About the message in her music, this Queen Mother declares: “The message is joy, loving and living together, no fighting, no war. Reggae is the heartbeat of a person. It’s the people’s music. Everywhere you go you get the same response from black and white alike,”…and as sung on the Harambe album “Wouldn’t it be nice to have my kind of war, where the weapons would be love and peace and harmony?” Wouldn’t it be nice?


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