Wire Bending -The Artform That Shapes Carnival

Wire bending, an artform that is “the backbone” of the carnival experience. The beautifully intricate Carnival King and Queen costumes or the pretty backpacks that are associated with front-line costumes are the results of the beautiful yet painstaking works of art of the unsung heroes of Carnival. These ‘karibbean kreatives’ normally work behind the scenes for months leading up to Carnival but yet, very few know who they are, what they do or how much their Carnival experience would be negatively impacted without them.

Wire-benders and costume designers shape many aspects of the Carnival experience. Today’s guests give us some insights and education into their role. Alan Simpson is a talented and seasoned wire bender who has experience that spans over 30 years of knowledge, experience and insight from his youthful days in Trinidad and Tobago to his current work with Carnival bands in Atlanta. Ramona Condell, is our other esteem guest. This Jamaican native is a lawyer by day and a prominent band leader and costume designer for Mas with Panache at night. Check in below to find out about the work of these unsung karibbean kreatives.

Do you know what is the surprising thing wire-bending was originally used for? Click below.

Video edited by Genesis




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