Caribbean Artiste-RemBunction brings different flavor to Carnival 2014 Musical Menu

Rem Cover

Always unique and refreshingly different.

It should be no surprise that RemBunction’s first contribution to the CK14 mix is a soca chutney song called ‘Babash.’
As RemBunction tells the story of how this song came to be, he describes the visit of his friend ‘RUMRAJ’ to the studio.  RUMRAJ was having ‘ahem’ marital problems and was looking to Rembunction for a shoulder to lean on and to vent. RemBunction handed the mike to Raj and the rest as they say is history…
Raj’s sentiments have been shared the world over by many, so the catchy tune with the chutney beat resonates with listeners.Written and produced by Rembunction, the video is treat and leaves us wondering what can we expect next from this talented artiste?

About RemBunction

The name RemBunction has been synonymous with creativity and talent throughout his over 20 years in the Trinidad & Tobago entertainment industry. He is a contemporary artiste who unabashedly describes himself as ‘deliberately undefined.’ He blends several musical genres including calypso, soca, rhythm and blues and rap to create his own unique and distinct sound. He has been recognized for many of his musical contributions including his single, ‘We Are’ which celebrated Trinidad and Tobago’s fifty (50) years as an independent nation and won rave reviews throughout the diaspora. He is also well known for his soca-parang hits which include ‘ Mr. Santa Claus’, ‘Samantha Claus’ and  ‘Macafouchette’. His songs reflect the diverse cultural influences of his country as is evidenced from his discography. Songs include hit tunes such as ‘Roti and Kuchela’ which embraces enticing chutney rhythms and ‘Robber Talk’ a spoken word piece that pays tribute to one of Trinbago’s long established oratory traditions, that of the Midnight Robber.  He continues to push musical boundaries and  to deliver quality music to his listeners.



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