Rasta Church and Cultural Center opens in Miami Gardens.

By Jason Walker

Rastafarianism has a long history that was inspired by Marcus Garvey’s Pan African movement that began in Jamaica at the beginning of the 20th century. The Rasta movement became an international phenomenon with the popularity of Reggae King Bob Marley. Miami, where this center will be opening is also where the king spent his final days.

Rastafarianism has always been about peace and love and upliftment. On the 16th of June a Saturday, the first Rastafari Church and Cultural Center of Florida will present a free community family fun day. This marks the grand opening of the cultural Centre. the date the 16th is also of great importance for that is the birthday of the father of Rastafari Leonard P Howell. This acknowledges the importance of the opening of the center.

The cultural center will provide social services for the community. The center will also several organizations that serve the community in diverse ways. The center will also serve the space to express Rastafari culture. It will be space to celebrate Rastafari faith. The focus of the center will be community outreach. The center will have administrators can provide consultation areas of medicine and other areas that fulfil needs in the community. The center will also provide a space for activities. sporting activities that will help in uniting the community.

The center will also be supporting education efforts in the community by providing after-school activities and programs to support students with their educational endeavors.  The cultural center is in the heart of Miami Gardens. According to Priest Jody in these times culture of Rastafarianism can bring the Livity of peace and Love in an unprecedented time when major problems such as poverty, homelessness, suicide and others plague our communities. Rastafari can bring forward a sense of community. The Livity has always been about community and as such Rastafari can bring a communal Livity to the word. “The Rasta man is an essential ingredient right now in the earth”.

The Priest continued to state that Rastafari is “non-political, non-violent, and non-partial. We speak on behalf of truth and rights where ever we see injustice. We bring a balance to the community. We are strongly Afrocentric. We represent the presence of that Africa ness in the community.”

Priest Jah D has been doing work in Miami since the establishment of the Bobo Shanti tabernacle on 62nd Avenue. Priest Jah D started with the tabernacle just under 30 years ago. Priest Jah D has been involved with organizing the Marcus Garvey extravaganza for the past 16 years. The Priest will be running the cultural center. the Priest is well equipped to do this as he has a strong history of leadership in the Rastafari community and has interacted with many historical figures such as members of the Garvey family and even the legend Walter Rodney among others.

Priest Jah D is well versed in education, community development, international business and the concept of self-sufficiency through our natural resources and our talents. Jah D will be leading a highly accomplished team of persons in various areas contributing to the cultural center.

Miami Gardens is about to get an injection of necessary and positive livity that will bring healing and progress for the community, during these challenging times. The doors open on the 16th of June 2018 in Miami Gardens. The opening ceremony will include a Film Screening, Story Telling, African drumming among other activities

The First Rastafari Church and Cultural Center of Florida opened on the 16th of June at the address 16280 NW 27th Avenue Miami Gardens FL 33064.


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    August 2, 2019 at 3:12 am

    I Really Enjoyed Reading About The Church / Center That Opened In Miami ..


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