PABLO on dancing in H.D. to building his Fitness F.A.M.ily

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The ‘dance to fitness’ movement is aptly named because it directly mirrors Daniel PABLO Phillip’s personal journey. After over six years of high definition dance movements on stage with the King of Soca, Machel Montano, Pablo has reinvented his brand and has now positioned himself as the founder of one of the leading fitness movements in Trinidad and Tobago-The Fit Addicts Movement (F.A.M.).  Its a fitness movement serious about creating a supportive family atmosphere for those focused on fitness goals. This F.A.M. works out together, cries together, laughs together, donates to charities together and the list goes on. Pablo is also using his platform as a way to promote Caribbean music, especially soca throughout the diaspora. Find out more about how this ambassador plans to use fitness to continue to promote Caribbean culture. Video below.


For those who may not know, tell us who is Pablo

Daniel ‘Pablo’ Phillip is originally from Trinidad and Tobago. A professional firefighter and internationally certified fitness coach. He was also a dancer with Machel Montano’s H.D. band from 2007-2013. (Find out more in video)

On how the Fit Addicts Movement (F.A.M) is different from other Fitness Groupsfullsizerender-1

Weight loss transformation from one person translated into several word of mouth referrals. He promises results by encouraging consistency. He combines his dancing background with his new fitness regimen. High intensity cardio from dancing translates into an impactful fitness routine. (Find out more in video)

On how he is an Ambassador for Caribbean Culture

By playing soca throughout the routines, he creates a curiosity and an avenue for conversation on the the culture and the music. (Find out more in video)

On one of his biggest challenges as an entrepreneurfullsizerender-2

The fear of failing plagues him as much as it does  any budding entrepreneur.  But Pablo’s secret for overcoming this is praying  a lot. (Find out more in video)

On how can soca instructors unite and make the fitness movement as big as Zumba

Recognize this is another avenue to get soca music to the masses. He acknowledges fellow instructor, Keisha Fet~ness Huggins who is boldly seeking new markets to spread the cultural fitness movement. He believes that a unified brand with a singular tag-line is a stepping stone in the right direction for bringing visibility to the movement. (Find out more in video)

On the future for Fit Addicts Movementsimg_2002

You can look out for PABLO in New York on December 9th .  This will be followed closely by his Ripped for the Road Fitness Movement that’s gearing up for the Carnival season. (Find out more in video)

Stay up to date with Pablo on his social media sites Facebook ||  Instagram || Website 



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