Top Caribbean Hurricane Relief Organizations That You Can Donate To

Can you imagine it? Going about your normal routine one day of work, school or other and waking up the next day to all sense of normalcy gone. No roof over your head (literally), no electricity, no gas to cook food, no water to take a shower in other words no availability of any of the daily conveniences that many of us take for granted. This is the reality for most of the people living in the Caribbean islands right now that have been impacted by the latest hurricane onslaught.

2017 has proven to be an active Hurricane year, but beyond just being active, the hurricanes that have trampled through the Caribbean have been more forceful than previous and have left acute devastation in their wake. Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria have tested the natural disaster preparedness plans of all the islands they have touched. Some statistics read of total devastation in many countries such as Barbuda that is completely uninhabitable for the first time in three hundred years. There are also reports of chaos and criminal activity as frustration and anger build, as in the case of St. Martin. And to think hurricane season is not yet over.

The Caribbean needs help right now from those both at home and abroad. This is one time where our community is being tested to prove the value of our slogans on ‘Caribbean unity’ and ‘Rallying Round the West Indies.’ The effort to rebuild the islands affected is going to require heart, consistency and commitment. It will also require collaboration, organization and streamlining of efforts so that support goes to where it needs, and does not get caught in a web of bureaucracy. We are going to have to get comfortable allowing leaders to emerge, while others take a supporting role. And, as a community we will be requested to give generously of our time and resources.

But, we are a resilient people and there is no doubt that we will rebuild and come back stronger than ever.

Please consider donating to one of the organizations below to support rebuild efforts.

Also, please feel free to send us any additional organizations that you think should be added to the list.

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