Standing in Our Brother’s Shoes Through The Hurricanes

As hurricanes ravage our Caribbean islands, we’re forced to look on in horror at the destruction and carnage that nature has wreaked upon these island nations.

More than that, these events also give us moments to pause and reflect on our own reality: our very fragility amid the forces of nature and the things that really matter.

Most of us mainly in the southern Caribbean and elsewhere are collectively nodding our heads and saying “Thank God it wasn’t us. Beyond this prayer, we also inwardly imagine and catch cold sweat when we think “what if it WERE us, how would we face another day?”

Let’s just imagine for a moment losing all our precious possessions: house, car, cherished photos and trinkets, furniture, expensive equipment and gadgets.  Or what if you were (just before disaster struck) about to land that new job, get that long awaited interview, launch a new project, get medical results, go in for a much needed medical procedure, witness the birth of your child; or lend support to a relative in hospital.

Now with total devastation, life is fully suspended. All that matters is your living, breathing body in front of you right now; the living, breathing bodies of your family members.. counted, friends and relatives.. counted, work colleagues.. counted. Once we’ve counted and recounted, we mourn with those who’ve lost loved ones and very quickly (because time is crucial now) we move to the next stage of finding a safe (dry) place to recoup our thoughts and secure our dear ones away from the rubble and brokeness. Once settled (partially), we ponder on what we can retrieve to eat, sleep, shelter and provide us with some semblance of sanity at least for one night. Our precious treasures become a distant memory when we realise that our living, breathing bodies are the most important treasure we have right now.

It’s in these moments we understand that all the valuables we once possessed and carried are now figments of our imagination. The cargo we call ‘possessions’ was once stacked high on the needs and distraction list and even though we may look forward to rebuilding this treasure chest one day, it seems a fickle dream for the moment because nature has settled her score.


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