Top 3 Reasons Why the Sugar Island Has One of the Sweetest Caribbean Carnivals (Vincy Mas)

St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG), otherwise known as the ‘sugar island’ is known for many things. It is known as one of the first Caribbean country in which petroglyphs, recording ancestors’ presence are found. It is known for having beaches with different colored sands including gold, black and white. It is known for having the most fertile soil in the world in the area of Mesopotamia valley. It is known for its active volcano called La Soufriere (that last erupted in 1979). It is known for the national dish of fried jackfish and roasted breadfruit. *

But very few seem to know of the hidden gem known as ‘Vincy Mas‘ that is exploding with color, culture and creativity. Of course, like all Carnivals around the world there are many similarities including the presence of calypso and soca music, beautiful ladies in vivacious costumes and the coup d’etat parade on the road. But there are also some distinct differences that set this Carnival apart from the rest including;Vincy Mas and 2BKaribbean 1


1) Its Simplicity

  • Carnival hopping has become one of the latest entertainment fads. Its popularity has made competition to be the biggest and best carnival chaser into an almost competitive sport, where the winners show off their trophies of fete wristbands and earn bragging rights for being at the most Carnivals. As a result of this popularity, many savvy business people are taking advantage of the demand for the Carnival experience by creating a plethora of events to grab people’s attention and money. At some of the more popular world Carnivals, it has become a truly stressful experience to secure the basic necessities for a great Carnival experience including fete tickets, accommodation and costumes. SVG has been able to side step this warrior like festival approach and has maintained a simple and charming Carnival experience. There is less price-gouging because the competition is not as fierce, and patrons can focus on simply enjoying Caribbean culture and vibrancy.

    2)  ‘Many for One’ Carnival Special

  • There are over 32 islands and cays that make up St Vincent and the Grenadines; and of these, nine are inhabited. The most popular Carnival takes place in Kingstown on the island of St. Vincent, but, the other islands refuse to be left out of the ‘bachannal’. Carnival chasers can visit Vincy Mas at the end of June/beginning of July, but if so inclined they can also catch Carnivals from around the multi-island nation including the one on Bequia which takes place at the end of June and on Canouan which takes place at the end of July. All promise great times, lots of music, dancing and costumes.


Vincy Mas and 2Bkaribbean 2

      3) An Amazingly Picturesque Cool-down

  • After all the Carnival festivities are done, Carnival lovers can rest their weary bodies and cool down on an island chain that boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world! One of the most popular is on the island of Bequia which is the second largest island in the Grenadines. It is a popular yachting destination with lush hillsides and boat filled bays. There is also the Tobago Cays which consists of five small uninhabited islands that showcase beautiful beaches protected by reefs. They offer calm waters ripe for snorkelers. This is by no means an exhaustive list of beautiful beaches of SVG. And of course there are other fun loving activities like hiking, snorkeling, dipping in the Falls of Baleine, visiting the Botanic Gardens, stalking the volcanoes , visiting Fig Tree restaurant and the list goes on.


SOUND OFF: What is your favorite VINCY MAS experience?



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