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JWVE has the unique ability to fuse formalized classical training with untamed creative energy. This combination produces musical magic whenever he steps into the studio. JWVE is a passionate voice making his mark on the Caribbean and International musical landscape with lyrics that empower and music that uplifts. His latest release called, ‘COVFESSIONS,’ is a definite treat for his fan base. A topical and relevant EP that explores themes that crossed many minds as we all faced the challenge of living through COVID-19. 

COVIDFESSIONS by JWVE ( I like this EP because of the .......)
  • Lyrics 42%, 140 votes
    140 votes 42%
    140 votes - 42% of all votes
  • Vibe 31%, 101 vote
    101 vote 31%
    101 vote - 31% of all votes
  • Music 27%, 90 votes
    90 votes 27%
    90 votes - 27% of all votes
Total Votes: 331
June 30, 2020

The unexpected lifestyle changes brought on from the pandemic left many feeling uncertain about the future, questioning relationships, and even succumbing to depression and anxiety. As an antithesis to the negativity that shrouded our lives during the pandemic, JWVE uses his EP to explore themes of love, hope, and perseverance. JWVE displays his lyrical prowess with each composition. The lyrics in Better Days remind us to all keep moving forward in spite of it. The introductory line captures the audience’s attention and keeps them engaged until the very end of the song.  This positivity builds in the song ‘Perfect Smile,’ while ‘No Distance’ explores the theme of long-distance relationships in a time of closed borders and limited contact.

This collaborative project was produced under the Kick’em Records label with JWVE’s business partner, Johann Joseph also known as J-LAVA. With twenty years of experience in the music industry under his belt, J-LAVA is the perfect complement to this project as he always focuses his creative energy on music that creates connections and positive energy.

Find out more about this EP on Facebook and Instagram.

  • YES 57%, 126 votes
    126 votes 57%
    126 votes - 57% of all votes
  • NO 43%, 97 votes
    97 votes 43%
    97 votes - 43% of all votes
Total Votes: 223
June 29, 2020

CREDITS: Written & Performed: Jessie Mc Barrow (JWVE) Executive Producer: Kick’em Records Producer 1: Johann Joseph (J-LAVA) Producer 2: Jessie Mc Barrow (JWVE) Piano: Jessie Mc Barrow (JWVE) Background Vocals: Jessie Mc Barrow (JWVE) Mix & Master: Kick’em Records Artwork: Timothy Bachew


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