Jereem Richards Wins on Life’s Track and Field at the Commonwealth Games

Those who watched the two hundred (200) meters Men’s race in Gold Coast 2018 (Commonwealth Games) saw agony and ecstacy play out in a mere few seconds. Coming down the track, we saw Trinidad and Tobago’s  Jereem Richards accelerate next to UK contender, Zharnel Hughes. Just near the finish line both heads seem to collide at equal timing of 20.12.  However UK was given the lead, and declared Gold medal winner. In due style, Hughes opened his arms with the UK flag draped around his shoulders, smiled and looked up to the heavens thankfully. But short lived was his ‘victory’ since, it was less than 3 minutes when the tapes were replayed and one saw a definite obstruction play out as Hughes glided on to the track’s white line in a seeming attempt to block Richards path, then when his left hand grazed Richard’s face, one saw a slight stumble and there was little doubt that this ‘victory’ was questionable. It was then the house commentators revealed that there was some deliberation on the placings.

Back on the track after the meet, the television cameras picked up Richards looking calmly over at Hughes (with a slight smirk); in fact, Richards reached out and shook hands with his rival.  Needless to say that it was not long after that the initial decision was revoked;Hughes was disqualified for obstruction and Jareem Richards was declared the Gold medal winner of the 200M Men’s Finals for Trinidad and Tobago.

One imagines the agony of defeat Richards must have felt in those few moments of Hughes “triumph”. In similar manner, Hughes himself must have been mortified at the final decision.  But the masterful moment as winner must be when Jereem took the high road with a handshake …not a buss head nor big cuff as we say in the Windies, but a handshake that said more than we’ll ever know. Perhaps it was to say; “I see you …but did you see you?” So we must hand the full victory to our Caribbean brother who played a gentleman’sport on life’s stage!



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  • Yolande small Reply

    April 20, 2018 at 3:26 pm

    Well said…. very gentleman of Jareem Richards. Great job both runners but fair is fair. It may not have been intentional but it is the rule of the sport. They will meet again and soon and the race will be rerun just with something to prove by both runners. So I for one cannot wait for the re-run :-). Again, great job T&T for coming back on Hughes and it will be a hell of a re-run by these two world runners.


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