Top 5 Caribbean Aphrodisiacs from 2BKaribbean

Top 5 Aphrodisiacs our Caribbean brothers stand by!

There are a few things that unite people of the Caribbean regardless of ethnicity, class or culture. Carnival, food and folklore top that list.  The Caribbean has been well marketed for its sun, sand and sea. However there are a few secret ingredients in our food that are known for their’magical’ properties. Some call it legend, some call it fact but one thing we know for sure is that our Caribbean brothers are known for some ‘ahem’skills that many attribute to the healing powers in the Caribbean plants and herbs. Here is our Top Five (5) list of Caribbean aphrodisiacs that our Caribbean brothers stand by.

  • Bois Bande – Grenada & Guadeloupe

Also known as nature’s Viagra, this male enhancer drink comes from the bark of the Bois Bande tree is found in many of the island forests.  Translated from French it means “Potency Wood” and is said to restore a man’s virility!

  • Pacro Water – Trinidad & Tobago

‘Pacro’ is notoriously known in Tobago as the drink to “keep a man’s back strong”.  When dug out from the rocks near the seashore, this sea cochroach can be mixed with green banana (fig) water and other herbs.  It’s left to stand out in the sun and when drunk by the male is said to provide a remedy for those who may be ‘falling below standard in the bedroom’.  Trinidadian men on the other hand boast that oysters can do a better job of peaking their ‘performance’. This is another water creature found mainly in the mangrove swamps around the island. When dug up and washed, they’re placed in shot glasses and neatly displayed by oyster vendors around the savannah and other busy hubs where they are served with spicy sauces. Oysters are said to be a man’s drink for his nighttime escapades.

  • Finger Grow – Barbados

The name alone is cause for pause! This wild bush is boiled with linseed, sago or barley and is said to extend sexual pleasure in the bedroom.  The older Bajan men hold to their guns with remedies in ochro and ground provisions like cassava, dasheen, yams and eddoes, that allege to male strength.

  • Strong Back Juice – Jamaica

Also known as Iron Pipe or SledgeHammer it rings a sound of ‘dread’ to the female ear!  But our reggae brothers speak highly of it as a crowd pleaser.  Strong Back punch is made with a mixture of the herb known as strong back, Guinness, banana, Jamaica rum cream and some puncheon rum, peanuts and of course some spices! This delicious rum drink claims to give ultimate pleasure in the bedroom.

  • Mamajuana – Dominican Republic

Another aphrodisiac that takes you (males) to the head of the class! This drink is a concoction of tree bark and herbs which is left to soak with rum, red wine and honey for a few weeks or even months. When cured, the mixture is said to increase male libido and may cause your partner to ‘sing like a bird’ or ‘roar like a lion’


 And let’s not forget some others that can do the trick:

Spanish Fly is said to be the one aphrodisiac that can give a man back his virility and drive ‘in the bedroom’.  Sea Moss – this is a sea weed which is dried and sold in packets at many local markets. When soaked it’s then blended with spices and milk and makes a delicious drink which many men say is ‘de drink to get them up and running again!”








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