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  • Bankie Banx is one of the most distinctive voices to come out of the Caribbean.  His raspy baritone has led many to proclaim his sound as a combination of Marley and Dylan, with a touch of Sinatra**


  • He burst onto the Caribbean music scene in 1977.  Yet the continual evolution of his musical sound has helped him remain fresh and win over a new generation of fans.  His music fuses reggae, folk and jazz into a sound that is distinctly Bankie Banx’.**


  • Bankie became the first performer from Anguilla to appear at Reggae Sunsplash, in 1983 and he appeared again in 1992.*


  • He was featured during a live Sunsplash performance in the ground-breaking reggae documentary Cool Runnings.*


  • Following his success has Reggae Sunsplash 1983, Bankie and his band The Roots & Herbs toured extensively in the Caribbean before heading to Europe*


  • The band spent three years in Europe and garnered a strong fan-base while there. Bankie Banx and the Roots and Herbs disbanded in 1987 and many of the members returned to the Caribbean. Bankie returned to be with his family after the death of his younger sister*


  • Bankie co-founded the Moonsplash Music Festival in 1991. Moonsplash has become one of the premier music festivals in the Eastern Caribbean, and is the longest running independent music festival in the region.**

Visit his website for more at:!banxmusic/c1eew

SOUND OFF: Have you ever been to the Moonsplash Festival in Anguilla?




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