All Ah We Is One…I hope

Collage Feb 15

By Malaika Crichlow



Lately, I have been hearing about some kind of perceived social hierarchy with regard to committee member and fetes. Really?  As it was explained to me by a friend, there are sommaxresdefaulte individuals who believe that if they get tickets because they know a committee member, then that means they are “somebody” and others who do not are somehow socially unimportant.  This caused me to ask the questions: unimportant to whom, the fete promoters? Unimportant in the larger scheme of life?  Unimportant because of fete tickets? And who, pray tell, are these special individuals getting the tickets because they personally know a committee member special to? Are they special because to the said committee member, the fete promoter or their social circle?  I am all for self affirmation but if the only way you feel worthy is by the acceptance of others, you are setting yourself up for failure.


I do not believe that party promoters do the committee tickets or registration solely to attract certain social circles. I hope it’s to provide a safe environment for party attendees, so it’s a form of security, and a way to try and prevent dangerous situations from occurring.  I also think they may want a certain vibe, a particular feel to the party and to do so, they have a committee that can include people that like to party like them. That’s my hope. It may be naive but hey, I rather live in that world than one where people’s worth is entirely wrapped up in if they know a committee member or not.

Could this be another way to extend this separation of us and “them,” similar to going to certain prestigious secondary schools, playing in a particular carnival band or growing up in a particular neighborhood?  It’s quite possible.  The trivial things people use to make themselves feel worthy or better than others never ceases to amaze me, but it’s universal.  These situations need to be attended to and the sad reality is that it isn’t going away anytime soon, and very few of us apparently evolve past it.

Maybe I am beiDSC_0348-300x268ng too harsh on these “special” people who get tickets from personally known committee members because this is quite true for most regions of this planet. And what is Trinidad but a microcosm of the world, displaying world truths on a smaller scale?  There are similar scenarios in the world of celebrities and models and the fashion world where sitting front seat at elite fashion shows, for example, is the be all and end all for many people who are part of that world.  So, to those precious darlings in need of that validation, those who boast about getting such tickets, and base their self validity against such superficial and questionable parameters; I want to say, if nobody has told you before (and obviously you fighting up to prove it): you are special, even if I don’t think that’s what makes you special.

But my point today is this, whether you went to a prestigious school or not, or grew up in a good neighborhood or not, or got tickets to the ultra exclusive committee member party or not–you are somebody, you are somebody special, and you are worth knowing, if not to anybody else, at least to me.


Perhaps I am not deemed worth knowing, so it doesn’t matter to you, but just in case it matters, please know that.  So please, if you see me for carnival, come take a jump with me, not a wine eh because I don’t like to wine with random people, but come leh we take a jump and a chip and leh we show them that despite the f#ckery they trying to kill we carnival with, that all ah we is one.


Carnival 2 02.15

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