2BKaribbean Top 5 Tips For The Best Carnival Fete Experience

The Right Carnival Fetes Can Make or Break Your Carnival Experience

These days it seems like everyone is donning a party promoter hat. I don’t blame them, there is a lot of money to be made in the business. Between the visitors who hit the island shores eager to spend money, and, the locals who do not want to be left out of the best fete experiences either; there is lots of opportunity. Budding entrepreneurs see this and capitalize on it. They secure a venue, hire some Djs, perhaps charge for food and drinks, et voila, a new party promoter is born.

Party connoisseurs, however, understand that the fine art of party promotion requires a lot more. True party promoters  understand the craft of event planning and pay attention to the details. From the party theme, associated décor, venue choice, bar logistics, ratio of security officers to patrons; they understand that there is a lot that goes into creating a memorable event and  into building a credible brand as a party promoter.

I will admit that I am not the biggest fan of the ultra-exclusive feel that has enveloped the Carnival fete experience lately. But I will begrudgingly admit, there are some times the effort is worth it.

Here are some tips and thinks to look out for when putting together your Carnival fete list.

  • Create An Experience

    1. 2BKaribbean Top 5 Tips For Best Carnival Fete Experience 1A good Carnival fete is not just a party, it’s a complete experience. The party theme, the décor, the bar experience and the entertainment all add to the ‘experience’. Good promoters recognize this and step the game to differentiate their event from others. Those who are serious about creating a sustainable brand put some effort into creating an unforgettable experience that patrons look forward to attending every year.



  • Ample Parking

    1. 2BKaribbean Top 5 Tips For Best Carnival Fete Experience 2West Indians are notorious for creating parking spaces where none exist. But note to the wise; tow trucks and thieves are real and alive. Nothing can kill a Carnival vibe more than spending precious party time trying to recover a car from a tow yard or filing a police report for a stolen car. Do yourself a favor and ensure that the parties you plan to attend have ample parking. Better yet, contribute to the local economy-hire a driver, car pool, arrive alive, get drunk, get home alive. It’s the Carnival way ;]



  • Value for Money

    1. 2BKaribbean Top 5 Tips For Best Carnival Fete Experience 3Value is a very subjective thing, but, there are some general basics you can use to assess if a fete is giving you value for your hard earned money. The prices of Carnival fetes have risen exponentially recently. Promoters are all trying to stake a claim on the foreign exchange infused into the economy via out of town visitors. No big deal-that’s business. But for the foreign based crew who have sledged through snowstorms and blizzards to earn every dollar spent to party, please do your due diligence and know what you are getting for the price you pay. If you pay more than $50 US for a fete, at the very least you can expect some good music. Forget the hype and assess for yourself if you are getting what you want to have a good time.


  • Safety First

    1. 2BKaribbean Top 5 Tips For Best Carnival Fete Experience 4Let’s keep it real, if you are not safety conscious in this day and age you are a fool. Around carnival time, being alert and aware is not only a nice to have; it’s a necessity. Thieves and other nefarious characters are counting on party goers to be so enveloped in the carnival spirits (alcohol and otherwise), that all inhibitions and alertness disappear. Do not make yourself easy prey. Be aware of the location of your Carnival fete (know the address), have a safety code among your crew and make wise decisions. Support events that do not only prioritize taking your money but who also put some effort into ensuring you have a safe and enjoyable time.

  • Full of Vibes

    1. 2BKaribbean Top 5 Tips For Best Carnival Fete Experience 5I have traveled the world over and still hold this statement to be true, ‘Nobody can party like a West Indian.’ This final tip is not the responsibility of the promoter, but, of the patrons. If you spent money on a party ticket, an outfit for the party and a driver to get to the party, then it is your absolute duty to have a great time . Put down your cell phone, drown any bad attitude in alcohol and make sure your crew members truly understand what it means to be full of vibes. If they don’t, find a crew who does. Carnival time is one of uninhibited joy and the only person who can ensure that happens is you.




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Top 5 Carnival Fetes in Trinidad and Tobago
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