The Boukman Eksperyans blends a Warrior Spirit with Music

Jason Walker

                When it comes to the first predominantly black nation of the Caribbean to achieve independence, Haiti, it is not surprising that there would be a band from the small island that is steeped in history, culture, power, and a pan-African perspective. Boukman Eksperyans is the name of that band. A hit making machine that uses Kumpa mainly blending it with Zouk, Reggae, Jazz and Classical amongst other musical genres to make music of the highest quality with a band of established quality musicians.


Named after the Jamaican maroon, Bookman, who was a general in the maroon army that had been successful in defeating the British colonial armies several times and had gone over to Haiti to inspire the Africans there to fight the Napoleonic French colonial armies. This would of course lead to the Haitian Revolution.

Boukman Eksperyans, through their beautiful blend of the forms of music mentioned before, has kept the spirit of that history that their namesake bares for them. The band has become a standard bearer of music and culture from Haiti.

The band performing

Band leader, Theodore ‘Lolo’ Beaubrun, has continuously led the band to always deliver music and performances in a manner that reflects our African warrior ancestors spiced up with richness, education, elevation, culture and love. This has also led to a revolutionary swagger which has created music that speaks to truth to power. So much so that their 1992 album (Kalfou Danjere) was attacked by the then illegitimate Haitian government of Michel Francois who had led the coup d’etat of the legitimate Aristide government the year before. The Aristide government was reinstated in 1994.


Theodore ‘Lolo’ Beaubrun still leads Boukman Eksperyans and they enjoy the status of being elders  amongst Caribbean bands and entertain and educate (edutain) audiences to this day. The band stays true to their culture, history, people and to Boukman, an African born in Jamaica who would inspire Africans born in Haiti to shock the world.


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