Sweetest Carnivals around the Caribbean|| Caribbean Top 5

Carnival is an integral part of life in the Caribbean. Festivities are always an explosion of colour, creativity and care-freeness.  Celebrations are sprinkled with traditional mas characters and the world renowned J’ouvert or ‘Dutty’ Mas Celebrations. No Caribbean Carnival is complete without a healthy dose of steelpan, calypso and soca music resonating sweetly through the air. And, of course, there are the  non-stop parties that have challenged the stamina of some of the fittest athletes. Each Caribbean island adds its unique flavour to the festivities that have attracted from all around the globe. Its a definite bucket list items for the culturally curious and the adventurous.

Check out our list of Top 5 Sweetest Carnivals from around the Caribbean. 

Cast your vote and tell us what other carnivals should be listed.

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Top 5 Caribbean Carnivals
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