Are The 2019 Caribbean Music Collaborations Good For The Culture?

Marketing Moves is a series highlighting Caribbean artistes who use innovative marketing moves to differentiate their brand and music.

Twenty Nineteen (2019) seems to be the year of soca collaborations both within the soca fraternity, as well as, cross Caribbean and weare all the way here for it. The collaborations are a giant step towards the unity agenda that has not really had a strong showing in past years. The joining of musical forces also points to a mentality that screams ‘we are stronger together.’ That, in essence, is how we can win the game of getting and sustaining a global audience for Caribbean music. From strictly a numbers standpoint; Caribbean musical collaborations are a key to getting our Caribbean artistes recognition throughout the globe. It creates the critical mass and cross-audience pollination that is needed to get attention. It also serves many other purposes for the artistes themselves. Here are some of the high-level benefits of the various collaborations.


1. Building brand awareness & tapping into multiple fan bases around the world

  • Collaboration allows artistes to get in front of audiences that they may not normally have access too. That allows them to increase brand and music awareness in untapped markets. This allows Caribbean music to stretch its reach and go beyond boundaries of the islands  and other ally markets.

2. Doubles promotional efforts

  • As the saying goes, ‘two heads are better than one.’ That definitely applies to musical collaborations as well. When musicians from different genres combine forces (and budgets), they create an opportunity for impactful promotional efforts that are hard to ignore.

3. Increases networks

  • Working with various musicians not only opens doors to that particular talent, but, to their networks as well. Think producers, writers, studios and the list goes on. It expands the circle of influencers who can help artistes hone their craft and that is an invaluable perk of collaborations.

4. Betters Musicianship

  • As they say, ‘iron sharpens iron.’ Working collaboratively with some of the best in the business, creates an opportunity to develop areas in a musicians arsenal that may have been lying dormant or simply under-developed.

5. Increases Sales

  • And the coup d’etat is what, at the end of the day, most artistes and associated stakeholders want; a return on investment, on time, sweat equity, creativity and money. They want to know that their efforts see resulting sales and bookings for shows.

As you can imagine, there are also some pitfalls to collaborations as well, so the onus is on the respective teams to ensure that it is a mutually uplifting agreement that benefits all parties in some way. All in all, collaborations are a great way to increase the profile of Caribbean music around the world and we are all the way here for it. Check out our list of Top 5 Soca Music Collaborations for 2019. There were so many to choose from, we also added some bonus tracks.

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o Performed By: Destra Garcia and Spice Official
o Written by: Lunatix Production, Jason ‘Shaft’ Bishop, Destra Garcia and Grace Hamilton


o Performed By: Voice & David Rudder
o Written by: Aaron St. Louis and David Rudder


o Performed By: Skinny Fabulous, Bunji Garlin, Machel Montano
o Written By: Gamal ‘Skinny’ Doyle, Machel Montano and Ian Alvarez,


o Performed By: Farmer Nappy & Dean Fraser
o Written By: Khalen “Ja Moi” Alexander


o Performed By: Nailah Blackman, Sekon Sta, Erphaan Alves
o Written By: Nailah Blackman, Sekon Sta, Erphaan Alves



o Performed By: Nailah Blackman & Shensea
o Written By: Nailah Blackman, Shenseea & Anson Soverall


o Performed By: Blaxx & Chromatics
o Written by Richard “Chromatics” Raj-Kumar

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