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A series highlighting Caribbean artistes who use innovative marketing moves to differentiate their brand and music. This week we feature dancehall queen, SPICE and soca monarch winner, VOICE. Vote for your favorite monster marketing move.

Vote for your favorite Monster Marketing Move This Week 10.29.18

A series highlighting Caribbean artistes who use innovative marketing moves to differentiate their brand and music. This week we feature dancehall queen, SPICE and soca monarch winner, VOICE. Vote for your favorite monster marketing move.


I went to bed last night feeling so inspired and full of hope. Once again, VOICE the artiste in his quiet and understated way is showing the world why he is the unofficial leader of the soca revolution. From being the youngest soca monarch winner, to his consistent uplifting presence in the industry he is definitely leaving an indelible mark on the soca landscape.

He is using his platform to inspire hope and joy, for social commentary, to elevate soca music from its niche of ‘happy’ music to thought provoking, lyrically sound music.

He achieved all of this with just one song. His latest release, ALIVE AND WELL is one that makes you listen twice or a hundred if you are me ;]. Viewing his release through a marketing lens, here are some of the promotional elements he executed really well.

So what did VOICE actually do?


    • For a teenager, few things are more exciting than being showcased on a major soca artiste’s video. Far less to be a feature on his song. With the simple move of including the Bishops Anstey High School choir in the song, VOICE created an army of built in brand ambassadors who would make sure the song gets in front of the eyes and ears of everyone in their network.

    • The lyrics of the song can feel at home in a fete or in a church. Listeners can play it when they are happy or when they are sad. Since VOICE blasted his way on the scene, with his song WINNER, he has challenged the stewards of soca to step out of their comfort zone and create fun music that uplifts and inspires. By doing this, VOICE has opened up the market for soca music to be relevant outside of the Carnival season. That simple move can open revenue streams that those in the genre have only dreamed of before.

    • The flood that hit Trinidad and Tobago has continued to stay top of mind for many in the country. Many are still impacted and know that will take a lot of effort to ensure full recovery. By including elements of the flood in his video, he made a connection in the minds of his audience to stay hopeful and uplifted while the nation works getting back on its feet. The positive association with his music and this event makes sure that he owns a space in the mind of audience as a voice of hope when many are feeling hopeless. That positive association has invaluable brand building power.


GRACE Under Fire

Last week I felt like I woke up in the twilight zone. As usual, I perused the Instagram accounts of some of my favorite artistes. And, there it was. SPICE OFFICIAL completely erased her Instagram account except for one lone picture with blonde hair, a straight nose and a lighter complexion. WTF?  My immediate response was one of sadness; I thought SPICE had finally caved in to the pressure of industry foolishness.

But, then the marketer in me kicked in and I read the caption, listened to the mix tape and took a minute of silence for the brilliance that is her marketing team. It worked like a charm.

She was on everybody’s tongue. I do mean EVERYBODY. Even the Shade Room and Wendy Williams highlighted it. Latina star Amara La Negra came out in defense of Spice, which was featured, on TMZ.  SPICE definitely won this round with a number one on the reggae charts for her single release, BLACK HYPOCRICY, and over two million views on her video in less than a week. How did she do it?


    • SPICE caught everyone’s attention because NO ONE saw it coming. The shock factor was what made it work. What kept it working was SPICE’s commitment to the campaign. Even after people were blasting her name up and down, she still playfully goaded them with a follow-up video staying committed to the persona that she put out there. She truly showed GRACE under fire.

    • When social media eventually started to calm down and finally started listening to the song, there were many who had to eat humble pie. With their responses attacking SPICE, they proved the words of her song to be true. Her song had a strong message and lyrical depth that many did not see coming from the GUM DI GUM singer, and with that maneuver, SPICE won herself many new fans, entered a few new markets and solidified her title as the new Queen of Dancehall.

    • The proof was in her numbers. Spice was number one on the reggae iTunes chart in a matter of hours after dropping that bomb. She was the third dancehall artiste to debut at number 1.  Within a week, SPICE’s YouTube video had over two (2) million views and was trending in Jamaica, the UK and US. I am sure she is laughing all the way to the bank.

In a world of content overload, never underestimate the power of a creative marketing campaign to break through the clutter. It does not have to be elaborate. As this week’s marketing moves showcase, sometime the effectiveness is in the simplicity. Let us take a moment of silence for these brilliant marketing moves.






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