Nailah Blackman Hits Soca Gold with BET Awards Nomination

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Nailah Blackman nominated for BET Awards Best New International Act

In less than two years, Nailah Blackman is well on her way to becoming one of the most recognizable brands in soca music.

Forget that she is a beautiful and vivacious young woman….

Forget that she is a multi- talented musician and singer with a very distinct sound…..

Forget that she has soca royalty coursing through her veins.

What this young twenty-year-old soca queen and her team have achieved in just about fifteen months is nothing short of marketing gold

Some may remember her by her head-turning performance on the Uncovered Series with her rendition of the soca monarch hit, ‘Winner,’ (originally sang by Voice the Artiste). It was the start of an amazing career. Her major debut came with her collaboration with Kes the Band on the soca hit ‘Wuk Out’ in 2016. She quickly followed this up with the launch of her solo career with the hit Baila Mami. From there, it has been a non-stop train of success after success. Her latest success being the nomination as the only Caribbean artiste in the Black Entertainment Television (BET) Awards for Best New International Act. She is one of 10 nominees in this category amongst a pool of artistes from Brazil, Nigeria, the UK, France, South Korea, South Africa and Ghana*.

Although a lot of her success is attributed to her talent; there is also much to be said about the strong brand that she has created and the clever marketing tactics that she has used to build it.  Here are some things she got right.

  1. She Created A Look and Established A Unique Sound

    1. Nailah has never tried to be anyone but herself. She has an eclectic, innovative sense of style. And an equally distinctive voice that is at home in a sultry jazz club as it is on the soca stage. She is aware of her sex appeal but does not seem to use it to gain attention (although I am sure it does not pass the gaze of her male fans). She is truly and undeniably Nailah
  2. She Found Her Tribe & An International Stage

    1. When Nailah’s brand currency started to rise in value, her team recognized the need to create a loyal base of followers who could support her journey. And so, the #nailaharmy was born. They wear t-shirts, they have hashtags and they are unshakably loyal to Nailah and her music. And it is from the foundation of this fan base that Nailah has entertained audiences throughout the diaspora and the world at large. So large that she was featured on the well-known website AJ+ (Link Here)
  3. She Commands the Stage

    1. I have seen Nailah perform a few times, but I was very impressed when I saw her at Jamaica Carnival holding her own among the greats like Allison Hinds, Blaxx and Beenie Man to name a few. Her voice was clear, her set was engaging and she owned that stage as if she was born to be there. Yet, another stepping-stone to building her international appeal.
  4. She Collaborated Effectively

    1. ‘I’m in My Zone…Badishh.’ Love it or hate it, the song creeps into your brain and stays there. The infectious music is rivalled only by the two beautiful leading singers. Badishh features two of the greatest young female talents coming out of both Trinidad and Jamaica. Shensea and Nailah have had similar career paths and successes since they launched their respective careers and it was empowering to see them come together combining musical platforms.
  5. She Turned A Potential Faux Pas Into A Promotional Opportunity

    1. On that same collaboration, some people started rumbling about being unable to understand Nailah’s verses. Instead of it hurting her brand, some quick thinking by her team actually turned it into an amazing promotional opportunity. There was a competition to see who could best interpret Nailahs verses. It was a hit!

Nailah is doing her right. She is clearly observing and learning from those who came before her and putting her own unique spin to build an unforgettable brand. Don’t forget to vote for this rising star at




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