Excitement For Buju Banton’s Anticipated Prison Release

Top 5 Reasons Why We Are Excited for Buju Banton’s Release

It was a cold dreary night in North Carolina when it happened. I was home sick and longing for a taste of Caribbean food and culture. Walking around campus on the verge of frustrated lonely tears, it suddenly crossed my path. ‘It’ was a non-descript flyer advertising reggae artiste, Buju Banton’s visit to the state in a local spot less than 20 minutes from where I lived at the time. Fast forward to the night of the concert. The energy and the vibes in the atmosphere is hard to put into words. The performance by Buju Banton aka Mr. Mark Myrie inspired an ecstasy and joy that transformed my life forever. I fell in love with reggae concerts that night. Since then, I have travelled the world over via car, plane or boat to see the artistes that I enjoy and respect. Buju Banton was always at the top of that list and I was devastated when the news erupted in 2009 that he was being imprisoned for 10 years.

If you have only been checking in on his case periodically, you already know that this journey was ‘not an easy road’ for this artiste. From the entrapment allegations, rescinded lawyers, mistrials and the list goes on. Buju has and continues to overcome a lot. Thank goodness, he has remained triumphant in the face of adversity. He won a Grammy while in prison for his album ‘Before the Dawn.’ There are reports that he earned a Master’s degree in Music Business Management from New York University (NYU). He also won an International Reggae and World Music Award for “Jah Army,” a song on which he collaborated with Stephen and Damian Marley.

Here are the top five reasons we are excited for the release of this inspirational reggae artiste:

  • The musical catalogue that is about to be released

    • Buju’s music and lyrical content was outstanding in the midst of him having a hectic touring schedule and other commercial engagements. Can you imagine how his creative juices must have been flowing while imprisoned with little or no distractions outside of surviving an oppressive system? I anticipate that the music that is about to be released will leave all his previous releases in teh dust.
  • The lessons learnt

    • There were so many lessons to learn from the Buju Banton experience. They range from knowing who to trust, knowing who has your back in your hour of need or how to appreciate the simple blessings in life. Being the astute storyteller that Buju has proven to be, we imagine that these lessons will not only be reflected in his music but in his way of life as well.
  • The triumph against an unfair justice system

    • Any person’s individual stance on Buju’s guilt or innocence aside, there is no doubt that the system seemed to be biased against getting just and fair representation for the artiste. His release prior to the original sentence is an indirect statement on this and for all fans its a triumph of good over evil.
  • A new lease on life

    • Nothing makes your appreciate what you have than losing it. With a new opportunity to enjoy his freedom, loved ones and all the other things he loves, we imagine that Buju will enter this new chapter of his life with enthusiasm, optimism and an excitement to walk in his purpose like never before.
  • The concerts! Nuff said!

    • A Buju Banton concert pre-incarceration was a movie. A Buju Banton concert post incarceration will be (you choose the adjective). All I know is I can’t wait!!!


  • SOUND OFF: What is your favorite Buju Banton song?






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