Delus the DJ; How The Lessons From His Life Continue to Haunt Us After His Death

By Marissa Williams

It has been almost a month since the sad news broke about the death of Delus the DJ. His family will lay his body to rest on July 23rd, 2016 at the Church of Resurrection in Duhaney Park, Jamaica. The brother of dancehall superstar , Konshens, had made an indelible mark in the music industry with thought provoking hits and haunting lyrics. When the general public started paying closer attention to his death, the social media analysts and psychologists started coming out of the woodwork, the conspiracy theorists were in YouTube heaven, Delus’ social media following more than tripled in less than a week and at last it seemed like the conversations started happening around black men and depression. But in this social media age of short attention spans- the conversations started and then stopped. The hype rose and then fell. A man lived and then died.  And that was that.

It was interesting to see how many people (many of whom I am sure never even had one conversation with Delus), suddenly saw the sadness shining through his eyes indelus- his last social media posts.  There were so many broader issues that could have been included in the discussion like –what does depression really look like (especially through the social media lens)?, why do we have so little human connection in a world that is now more technologically connected than ever before ?, and why do so many of us feed the illusion of happiness that many feel compelled to create on social media?.

It’s the social media curse- We can’t live with it. We can’t live without it. We have one of the most powerful tools to express opinions and thoughts across multiple platforms, but, the majority of us choose to use it as a tool to perpetuate illusions. Illusions about how great our life is, how great our family is, how great our continuous vacations are, how great our non-stop partying is, how great our bathrooms are to take selfies. How great everything is. And the truth is, those people with the ‘greatest’ lives, are the ones hurting the deepest inside.

They are hurting because the need for illusion almost creates a reality where there is an inability to be trusting and vulnerable.  It creates an inability to share our pains as openly as we express our joys. And that’s not to say that anyone should use social media as a ‘Dear Diary’ platform to air their dirty laundry. But, I do think that social media has created an unbalanced existence where many people no longer feel free to be real. They no longer feel it’s OK to admit that although life is great, that sometimes it can be downright shitty.

Delus-and-KonshensTo say that sometimes I need an introverted moment, to be alone with my own thoughts and figure out life instead of forever being plugged in. To say, I no longer want to follow that never-ending  path on a quest for more likes. To say, that today, conversations with my loved ones takes precedence over trying to impress acquaintances with posts.

In the social media world of never-ending attention seeking and comparison, of illusion and misinformation, of incessant opinions and very little substantive action, will we ever come to a point where we say enough is enough?.


Rest in eternal peace, Delus. May your death be the catalyst for some of the much needed change we need .


SOUND OFF: Tell us how do you think social media has impacted our everyday relationships?.


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