David Mullings Speaks at Black Orlando Tech Today

My entrepreneurship journey began at 15 years old in Jamaica when I laid out a 15-year plan broken into blocks of 5 years that was to result in me being a positive role model for young people around the world.’  These words from David Mullings gives a little insight into the reasons for his focus and passion around entrepreneurship, technology and innovation.  Since then he has continuously sought ways to mentor and learn from those around him. His presentation at the Black Orlando Tech conference is yet another manifestation of this goal. Black Orlando Tech is an organization for people interested the next wave of Black creativity, leadership and technology.

It is a seamless partnership between the two powerful entities. David Mullings is the founder/owner of a private investment firm: Blue Mahoe Partners, which manages investments in a range of companies involved in services, finance, film, music and mobile apps will be speaking today on technology in areas that people of colour need to hear. Besides being an innovator in technology he is also the Chief Money Officer of RunLive which is a mobile app focusing on the fitness space. David is also the Brand Evangelist for Synkt Games’ letsRUMBL an iOS daily fantasy sports app.

We caught up with Mr. Mullings before his talk today.


  • Why is this event important?

    • This event is important because too many entrepreneurs believe the Silicon Valley stories about raising capital but don’t realize that is a tiny percentage of companies. They also do not get stories and advice from people of color who can speak to the additional changes that brings.
  • What do you wish to present at this event?

    • I am going to be presenting about my experiences both raising capital for startups as well investing in them. I will speak honestly about the different kinds of deals I made, why I made them, what not to do and how investors think.
  • In an era when there is so much mistrust (loss of jobs, not understanding tech) yet a higher use of technology how do you see this divide being bridged?.

    • The divide is being bridged naturally because an entire new generation is growing up as digital natives. They do not mistrust technology and often serve as the explainer in chief to parents and managers. As long as older generations are open to listening and learning they can overcome their tech anxiety.
  • How do you see technology impacting issues in today’s society and also on a  personal, family level?

    • On a family level there is a danger of over-sharing and making public things that we older generations got to keep private.  There is also the issue of tech building a virtual wall in families, especially at the dinner table or just at home when we should be spending time together. Everyone sitting in front of their own screens is not healthy for a cohesive family.   At the society level tech is distributive in many ways, especially when it comes to security, privacy and job destruction and creation. Not enough thought goes into whose job is going to be replaced by a particular piece of technology and the knock-on effect that has on society
  • How do you see you in all of the above?

    • Society is going to go through a massive upheaval and I think that there will be a backlash against automation and technology by the working class because someone is going to choose to use those as scapegoats. Instead of “the immigrants are taking your jobs” it will be “the robots are taking your jobs” and instead of workers being prepared for that change in the same way that automobiles made horse-drawn carriages obsolete while leading to the modern travel industry, workers risk getting left behind.

For more information go to:  Black Orlando Tech Website


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