BodineVictoria Expresses Love For Her Bahamian Culture Through Various Art Forms

This week’s Karibbean Kreative On The Rise is BodineVictoria; a singer, actress and all encapsulating entertainer from The Bahamas.

BodineVictoria’s Brand:

BodineVictoria is a creative boss who is very intentional about building her brand. She has made the conscious decision to utilize multiple channels to build awareness of her talents and it has been an effective strategy. Her impressive resume embodies the theme of ‘Woman Power.’ Bodine unapologetically represents “sexuality, sensuality and sensibility; fire and earth and water,” as mentioned in her biography.

Bodine has many notable songs that showcase Bahamian culture, such as Juicy Fruit, All Day All Night, and Good Feelings. In 2018, Her song Rocka my Cherry won her the Elevation Award for Best Female Artist. Another of her songs, Good Feelings was chosen for the New Orleans Pelicans and Miami Half Time Shows respectively.

Upcoming Projects:

Her other projects include a television show with a 100% Bahamian crew and cast. Victoria plays Rovel on Travolta Cooper’s Where in the World is Wally which is currently in its final few episodes of its first season. She also has a weekly YouTube series entitled #BodinePot where Bodine shares Bahamian recipes and cooking tips.

She is also participating in a telethon with a former Branding Bloopers feature, Africa Allah on April 22nd. Proceeds from the telethon will support relief efforts for those impacted by the eruption of La Soufriere volcano in St Vincent & The Grenadines. She will also be performing on May 2nd with Carib Bites.

Although the pandemic has slowed down live performances, Bodine it is evident that Bodine has found innovative ways to stay busy. As he continues writing new music and getting ready to record, one thing remains consistent-Bodine Victoria loves her country and her culture and represents it in as many ways possible.

Keep up with Bodine at:

Instagram: @bodinevictoria

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