Top 5 Caribbean Carnival Accessories

Seasoned Carnivalists and ‘newbies’ alike all seem to understand the number one rule to being Carnival ready, that is, ‘it’s all in the details.’ It is no longer good enough to simply don a costume as a signal that you are ready for the road. In recent years, it has become very important to include many other accessories to complete the look. The great news is that the accessories market has created additional revenue streams for many entrepreneurs on the islands. Check below for the list of Carnival accessories that made our Top Five (5) list.

NAME: Monday Wear


Courtesy: @christianboucaud

Within recent years, Monday Wear has become less of a ‘nice to have’ and more of a pre-requisite to earn your stripes as a true Carnival baby. For those new to the whole Carnival experience, it may be perceived as a ‘must have’ to complete the ultimate experience. ‘Monday Wear’ refers to the unique swimsuit designs offered by various Caribbean designers as an alternative to wearing a full Carnival costume on Monday.


  • @christianboucaudcarnival
  • @tobyemg
  • @laura.narayansingh
  • @mariange.terileigh
  • @afrodesiack

NAME: Carnival Make-Up


Courtesy: @dupsyglam

After years of ‘playing mas,’ I finally entered the world of getting a make-up artiste to complete my look for Carnival. The results were magic. I felt transformed, almost like a whole different person while prancing in the streets of Port of Spain. It was the completion of the fantasy experience that is Carnival in the Caribbean.


  • @trini_muas
  • @gilly_mua
  • @dupsyglam
  • @fsmbeauty
  • @jac_makeupartistry

NAME: Carnival Boots


Courtesy: @mjdorset

There was a time when sneakers were the priority for a Carnival costume. There was time when comfort was the priority over beauty for prancing in the streets for two days straight. Those days are over. Now, we live in a world where your boots are equally important as the costume itself. Boots are dyed to match costumes, they are decorated with the jewels that complement the costume. It is a whole new world. It is a fun and exciting one.


  • @mjdorset
  • @carnival kicks
  • @tgecarnivalboots
  • @vvglitznglam

NAME: Carnival Stockings


Courtesy: @fetedolls

There are all different shades and different styles, but one thing for sure, Carnival stockings can make or break your entire Carnival look. From the shade, to the style, to the cute, there are stockings available to match your every desire. It is true that after a two-day parade, they will most likely be torn to shreds at the end of every night. That’s ok though. The main goal is to step ‘outta road’ looking beautiful in your costumes and shiny stockings before the bachannal starts. There is also the bonus of protecting your skin while yuh wining on people man.


  • @fetedolls
  • @matchedforme
  • @carnivalista

NAME: Carnival Cups


Courtesy @rissablingztingz

This is a trend that I honestly have not jumped on yet but from the votes it seems popular. With the influx of all-inclusive bands, alcohol is no longer a luxury on the road; it’s a necessity (was it ever a luxury though?). The point is, when you are enjoying your Carnival experience, hydration of all kinds are a necessity to ensure you can endure the non-stop partying. Nothing says you are road-ready more than a bejeweled cup matching your costume.


  • @rissablingztingz
  • @mmeventstt

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