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The tiny studio where we conducted our interview almost felt claustrophobic; so explosive and engulfing was the talent in the room. That was the experience of the 2BKaribbean team during our recent interview with the members of Red Square Rebel Nation. Keeping up with this musical army was no easy task. It’s a crew serious about their hustle and focused on their collective and individual musical missions.  The talented group of young men all had distinct styles and unique personalities, but, what stood out above all, was their clear understanding that working as a collective unit was the most essential ingredient to their success, especially in an industry that chews up and spits out its young daily.

Red Square Rebel Nation has been in existence since 1987, but was registered as an official LLC in 2015. Led by the ‘general’ and dancehall music icon, Spragga Benz, the production company was established to nurture the musical talent of the youth in his community of Dunkirk. It has grown exponentially since then and now has arms and legs all over the globe; from Africa, to the United States to the Caribbean. It’s a movement that continues to groom talented artistes for the world stage year after year.

As we spent more time with the crew, their different personalities started sneaking out from behind the camera. There was the smooth and focused business man- Xyclone; the succinct but powerful- Briggy Benz, gregarious and talented- Askel, the lyrical master –Kemmikal and the newcomer bout to be all over –BittahsoSicka…it was a family vibe, a connected vibe, a ‘you don’t want to sleep on us’ vibe.

They are a crew that continues to challenge each other to be better, work harder, aim higher. They are selective about who they let in through the walls of their tight knit group because as they put it, ‘the energy has to be right’. There is the collective eagerness to learn from their mentor, Spragga Benz, who has over twenty years of experience in the business. And this is all balanced by a strong individual desire to make a name for themselves.

Listen to the crew as they describe their musical styles, the difference they bring to the musical map and the way they interact as a family to push each other forward. It has only just begun.  Rebel Nation Rise Up!

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About the Artistes:

Askel TuDiWorld

ASKEL (ASK-EL) – To ask God (Elohim in Hebrew), The Most High, based on the Rastafari way of life.  Ask God/Jah for guidance and direction always.

Quickly coming up on the Dancehall scene, ASKEL TUDIWORLD (aka Courtney Gibbs) is a lyrical genius with a unique, authentic style and infectious stage presence.  His vibrant personality and unwavering confidence make him a natural on the mic. More HereAbout Askel



Bittah 2
Bittah So Sicka

Peter Cole, named after the great reggae legend Peter Tosh by his parents, Beverly Moore and Cyril Cole, was born on August 5th in Kingston Jamaica.  Today, he is well known as “Bittah So Sicka,” one of the hottest lyricists from Jamaica. Music has always been an innate calling for him, his uncle, veteran 90’s producer Courtney Cole, and his father, Cyril Cole, also known as Tony World, was a promoter and music lover who always talked about touring the worldMore Here : About Bittah



Briggy Benz

Being an enthusiastic fan of dancehall from an early age and identifying dancehall artists Spragga Benz and Cham as his musical inspiration, upcoming dancehall artist Briggy Benz is determined to be an icon in the dancehall industry. Dubbed as the nephew of veteran dancehall DJ Spragga Benz, Briggy is resolute on revamping the vibe of dancehall music marketing himself as a hardcore dancehall artist with talent and versatility. More Here : About Briggy




Kemmikal, the lyrical Khemist was born Kemar Bennett on November 19, 1986.  He was originated from an East Kingston Community known as Dunkirk. While growing up in East Kingston, Dunkirk, Kemmikal was influenced by artists like Spragga Benz and Assassin, who played a great part in bringing out the artists in him.  This influence was transferred to his peers and friends to participate in community and school events such as treats, parties, sports day, and community talent shows.  After high school he then decided it was time to start working on his career as a recording artist. More Here : About Kemmikal




Xyclone, (born Roje Roman Robinson, November 2nd 1987) is a Jamaican reggae artist from Waterford, St. Catherine.

Though doing music for over 5 years, Xyclone got his big break when he was introduced to the world by his mentor Spragga Benz at a show in Hartford, Connecticut in the United States. From there Xyclone proceeded to tour the USA as a member of Spragga Benz’s label Red Square Productions; doing shows in states such as: Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Florida, New York, Maryland and California just to name a few. More Here : About Xyclone

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