Chances Are You Will Love Da Genaral’s Off The Cuff Musical Style And Lyrics

Did Da Genaral Choose Music Or Did Music Choose Him?

Roberto Encarnacion JR. A/K/A “DA GENARAL” is a young man striving to soar in his musical career while showcasing his home of St. Croix, Virgin Islands, to the world. Music has been a major cornerstone of his family inspiring him to start singing at the tender age of nine (9) years old. His grandfather, mother, and father were all musicians.

“I just gravitated to everything around it. I start liking the vibes,” Genaral said.

How Did The Rasta School Change It All?

The early 2000’s, was a time when many local artistes from the Virgin Islands started getting recognition and that created an opportunity for his musical career.

Producer, Ras Sagie, decided to mentor his musical career at eleven years old and started a group called Mystical Youths that included Da General and his three friends Jah jah Mali, JR. Rebel  and Junie.  This group produced a a hit single called Rasta School. We were also featured on the Eastbound PT2 compilation CD.  

“A lot of people were surprised to see little youth doing reggae music and spreading such a positive message in the music… We had the whole radio just beating it, and everybody was listening, everybody was loving it,” he said.


What Makes Da Genaral Different?

He doesn’t have along involved process to write his music, his talent allows him to produce lyrics within seconds as the thoughts and ideas come to him.

His latest album is called ‘Chances Are’.  Chances are that one day I might be the one to turn around the wicked hearted. ‘Chances Are’, is a versatile CD for all ages. It has a little Rock, a little groove and a little scant involved.

“I’ve seen a lot with my eyes… my loved one was taken away, or there’s a system or violence. I feel like people should listen to this because of where I come from, and how I’ve changed to be the man I am today,” Genaral said, “Where I come from is just like everybody else. [I was] born in no mansion, in no castle with a gold spoon. Take all that and turn it into a positive way.”

You’re certain to understand his positive message and catch the vibes.




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