KAMILA MC DONALD|| Do't wish for it-work for it. #KAMPKAMILA - 2B Karibbean

KAMILA MC DONALD|| Do’t wish for it-work for it. #KAMPKAMILA

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Ambassador 5 series

In the boot camp, she spends one hour challenging every muscle in your body and just as you think you are about to faint, she cools it down and starts a discussion on nutrition and meal choices. Her classes have attracted a diverse crowd at different fitness levels who are all ripe for change.

Her holistic approach to health and wellness strikes a chord with most because there is the very relatable context of seeing Kamila challenge her very own habits and adopt this new regime. And there in the lies the difference- Kamila has walked in many of her clients shoes. She knows what it is like to eat junk food, to not exercise, to see the scale jump up and down regularly……..See more at www.2BKaribbean.com



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