Top 5 Reasons Why Caribbean-American People Should Vote for Stacey Abrams

There are many reasons why Caribbean Americans should be fully engaged in the US elections. Here is our Top 5 list with a bonus reason for good measure.

Written By Artis Trice

                Election Day in Georgia is today, Tuesday, November 6. Campaign season is ending as the candidates for the Governor are finishing up their campaign runs this weekend before they set their eyes on the State Capitol in Atlanta. As Caribbean-Americans, it is up to us who can vote to put in people who support our communities and want to make them a better place for us to live. Stacey Abrams has supported immigrant communities, fought for worker’s rights, and wants to make a change for Georgia. Here are the Top 6 reasons you should vote for her on Tuesday.

  1. Immigrant Justice

According to the Abrams campaign website, one in ten Georgia residents migrated here from another country. The Caribbean diaspora in Georgia is strong, proud, and is growing every year. We contribute to the economy, and Stacey Abrams wants to make sure that we have the representation we deserve to continue being a great cultural and economic asset to Georgia. Stacey has also said that she stands with asylum and refugees, as well as all immigrants who, like many of us and our relatives, came to Georgia looking for a better life.

  1. Equal rights

Stacey Abrams is a champion for human rights in Georgia. Making sure that all people have a voice in their government is important to her, and she supports making the government more accessible to the people. She’s proposing laws to fight discrimination in all forms so that all Georgians, regardless of their background, have equal opportunities to succeed.

  1. Keeping money in your pocket

Every mickle mek a muckle! Every little bit adds up. We have all know this. So why don’t we speak to our representatives about our wages and salaries? Stacey Abrams has fought to raise the state minimum wage so that we can support ourselves and our families.

  1. Improve MARTA and Transportation in Georgia

If you live near Atlanta, traffic never has a good day. Stacey Abrams and her team are dedicated to providing more infrastructure to make Georgia’s roads safer, as well as working on expanding MARTA’s routes to encourage people to use public transit.


  1. Making voting easier

If you haven’t seen the recent news headlines, Republican candidate Brian Kemp has been accused of attempting to suppress voters in Georgia from exercising their voting right. Whether it was drafting policies that made people’s absentee ballots ineligible or denying voter registration, he has been accused of trying to take votes from key constituents, with many being Black and Latino. Stacey Abrams is working to make Georgia a voter-friendly state so that all people who have the right to vote can make their voices heard.


  1. Because Election Day is November 6th!

Go out, be informed, and exercise your right to vote.  If you have already voted, congratulations! If you have yet to vote, make sure you go on Tuesday, November 6. Check your registration online at to see your local polling place’s address, forms of ID required, and voting times.


Remember there are free rides on Uber & Lyft to get you to the polls. We dont care how you get there just get there if you can ;]



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