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The euphoria of Carnival has started to subside. For many, the cold harsh reality and drudgery of daily life is seeping its way back in. Carnivalist worldwide are trying to recapture the moments on the road and overcome the post carnival depression by replaying our favorite soca songs over and over again.  It is just never quite the same feeling though.

One thing that keeps surfacing to the top as we relive those Carnival moments, is a special dose of 2018 soca offerings that keeps the music memories living way beyond the Carnival season. Floating in the sea of ‘get drunk’ lyrics and ‘wining’ lyrics, is the life-saving float of motivational soca songs. Songs that we can play at our desk to get us through a rough work day, songs to get us through a bad break up or any other ‘disastrous’ life circumstance. This drizzle of inspirational 2018 soca lyrics is a signal that a quiet revolution has begun to reclaim the storytelling aspect of soca music, and, we are all the way here for it. It was easy to overlook in the midst of the fetes and alcohol. But the soca revolutionaries had ‘feters’ crying down bad men and spreading ‘love,’ while overcoming their problems like ‘Hulk’ because ‘Better Days are Coming.’

These soca rebels are not the first or the last to inject inspirational lyrics into the carnival season, but, the volume of motivational songs this year definitely got attention.  These universal themes and messages are key to ensuring that soca music gets its much deserved play on the worldwide stage outside of the Carnival season. We can only hope that this is trend is about to bring a wave of change for the industry. What do you think?

Check out our Top picks for 2018. What are yours?

1) HULK-Blaxx

a. ‘What doh kill you, should make you stronger. So my problems are like steroids woi. I get  my doses from all kinds of sources. And all now them still can’t kill me now.’



a. ‘Pure heart we doh fraid no weapon. And we doh run away fron no weapon. Once we have faith we straight. Can prosper against we…no weapon.’


3) YEAR FOR LOVE-Voice the Artiste

a. ‘ Bad man is a man who does defend woman and protect the young ones by any means…. A real bad man does make his own decisions. He don’t need anyone. He only needs God.’


a. ‘You better get up my child. You have royalty running in your veins. And I know its easy to complain. But There are better days ahead of you. Better days are coming.

5) SOCA FAMILY-Destra Garcia

a. That’s why I am holding on to you. To keep me from falling. I feel the pressure rising up inside me. I am holding on for you. Don’t keep me waiting. While the tension rising. You’re my soca family.’

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