ShopCaribe Amplifies Caribbean Business Presence Around The World

ShopCaribe is the ultimate Caribbean marketplace. It is the leading online Caribbean shop for fashion, accessories, jewelry, beauty products, art and home decor made in the Caribbean, with 5-day international shipping available.*

In today’s current environment, e-commerce has been playing an even more significant role in bridging the gap between small businesses and their customers. Brick and mortar shops are facing more and more challenges to keep their doors open. ShopCaribe offers support with a digital platform that allows Caribbean businesses to continue to engage with customers both locally and abroad. With its unique distribution and operations features, this e-commerce platform amplifies the presence of Caribbean businesses around the world by providing vendors resources and access.



ShopCaribe provides Caribbean business owners access to a virtual store-front, a support system and network, a distribution platform, volume discounts and technological expertise. The platform also gives the world visibility and access to authentic Caribbean-made products delivered through a reliable and affordable shipping services.


The ShopCaribe team, lead by director Roxanne Colthrust, has identified an underserved target that is eager to spend on authentic Caribbean-made items. The Caribbean diaspora that spans all the continents but who have a particularly strong presence in North and South America, Europe and Asia. In these unique times, many throughout the diaspora are longing for a taste of home. ShopCaribe facilitates this with its user-friendly website, extensive directory of diverse products and services and international shipping options.


One of the most attractive traits of the ShopCaribe platform is its robust distribution process that allows those in the diaspora to get their products within days. The platform uses technology to create progressive ways to bridge the gap between the world, the diaspora and the Caribbean islands. The holidays are coming, what are you waiting for?  

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Listen below to our conversation with director , Roxanne Colthrust, as she shares the unique story of ShopCaribe and her vision for the brand.

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