Recovering from a ‘Buss Head’ and Living Life

This musical commentary offers us a double dip on life and culture in Trinidad and Tobago – it mixes folk traditions of several Carnival mas characters like the Stick Fighter and Midnight Robber while expounding some strong virtues for living in a tough world.

Buss Head speaks to bravery and warriorhood in the lines:  “We doh fraid nobody … all dem who want confront we”

The infectious kalinda rhythms almost capture the mood of two (2) stick fighters in a gayelle as they caray (dance) and sing: “de blows dey pelting dey go buss mih head”

One hears the dark strains of Midnight Robber: “they call me inhuman ..I’m not of the Blue one…and this is my dominion”; they continue to strike fear in their words of damnation: “serpents and scorpions does run when dey see my right hand”

And to prove that toughness trumps all stress and abuse they sing on: “I was born as a warrioir….so I is not no pushover”

Collective strength rings true in “we doh fraid nobody …all ah dem who want to stop we” and non violence also proves a weapon that sees them through in the end ..”Hit dem with dey powder”

“Holy vay …holy vay” chorus provides the perfect prayer against fear and damnation and offers hope through this spirited rendition




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