Oh bacchanal! The costumes looking good. No, but seriously, the costumes look very well bedazzled. I have come to the opinion that Fantasy is the band if you want bling and ting, sparkles and the whole shebang. If you love shiny things, then Fantasy is the band for you. I thought the costumes were well constructed and for the most part, pretty. Did I love all the color combos? No. I found some of the color combos to be garish or cosquelle for lack of a better word, but it must be difficult to find new color combos when you have been designing costumes for a long time, it is to be expected.

If it’s one thing I can say, the costumes don’t look half-assed or just flung together; you know that time and effort went into them, blood sweat and tears, and as a person who respects another’s art and creativity, much respect goes out to Fantasy’s design teams. I like quite a few of them. They include: Aphrodesia, Bellezza and Dolce Vita, but I absolutely loved Goddess. It truly embodies the feel of a Goddess. I truly appreciated the variety of beauty in the costume models. We saw a kaleidoscope of beautiful skin tones and hues that set off the colors of the costumes to their gorgeous splendor. Having played with Fantasy last year, I have experienced only good vibes with the band. They were always courteous and responded to all concerns in a timely fashion; the food and rest point were on point and everything flowed.

After seeing Fantasy’s, Tribe’s, and Hart’s portrayals for 2016, I must say I was mostly impressed with all, and even gave them my own little sub categories. Wishing everyone a great Carnival 2016, whether you play mas or not, or wherever you play, have a safe and happy Carnival.

Fantasy- bling and ting
Tribe/Bliss- all kinda ting
Harts- sure ting.

For more information check out their website:



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Malaika Crichlow is a daughter of the twin isle of Trinidad and Tobago. She resides in Miami, Florida and has been for the past 19 years. She is an aspiring author who hopes to publish children’s books, novels on Caribbean life, and books of poetry. Writing has always been a passion and sometimes a distant dream, but always brings her unparalleled joy. When she is not writing, she is a mother, a nurse, a student, and a lover of life and laughter.


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