Nadine Sutherland Speaks On Action Steps To Empower Women in Caribbean Entertainment|| Karibbean Kurrent

There were so many rich moments from today’s 2BKaribbean’s Karibbean Kurrent we do not even know where to begin. But don’t take our word for it…press play to here Nadine…

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Is the Caribbean Economy Shackled by Tourism? || KARIBBEAN KURRENT

The Caribbean’s beautiful beaches and resorts bring in a lot of traction from tourists. However, in light of the pandemic, many of the islands have been struggling to make the…

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Wire Bending -The Artform That Shapes Carnival

Wire bending, an artform that is “the backbone” of the carnival experience. The beautifully intricate Carnival King and Queen costumes or the pretty backpacks that are associated with front-line costumes are…

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Reggae Month Builds Bridges To Expand The Music’s Global Presence

February is Reggae Month. ‘A voice for the voiceless and the soundtrack for the global resistance.’ That was the description put forth of the impact of Reggae music by Reggae…

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Which Side Are You On- Entertainment or Safety?

The Caribbean entertainment sector is a major revenue driver in the region. From the festivals, the carnivals, and the musical performances-tourists flock from all over the world to experience these…

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Food for the Poor Cries for Help after Hurricane Eta | Karibbean Kurrent

After the devastating damage caused by Hurricane Eta, Food for the Poor is on the mission to bring relief. Jason speaks to Kivette Silvera, executive director at Food for the…

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