Rub A Dub Style Brings Authentic Caribbean Flavour to the Atlanta Reggae Scene

Every second Sunday of the month, reggae enthusiasts  can look forward to the Rub-A-Dub authentic reggae party promoted by  Kahlil Wonda of Highlanda Sound and The Honorary Citizen. The event held at…

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Ziggy-Marley-Grammy and 2BKaribbean

Ziggy Marley wins the 2017 Grammy for Best Reggae Album

Ziggy Marley won his 7th Grammy in 2017 for Best Reggae Album. This win at the 59th Awards Ceremony makes him the reggae artiste with the most Grammy’s in history….

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Nanny of the Maroons and 2Bkaribbean

How did the Maroons Secret Lifestyle convert to one of the Biggest Festivals in Jamaica?

In 1739 runaway Maroon slaves signed a peace treaty with the British to gain semi-sovereignty over this region. It is known as being its own independent city within the island…

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Monday Wear Designers-Caribbean Top 5 02.02.17

Monday Wear Designers That Electrify the Trinidad Carnival Landscape || Caribbean Top 5

‘Monday Wear’ refers to the unique swimsuit designs offered by various Caribbean designers as an alternative to wearing a full Carnival costume on Monday. It is meant to give you…

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Betico Day Web

Who cares about Betico Day?? The People of Aruba Do and You Should To

January 25th is a special day for the people of Aruba. Its known as Betico Day; the official holiday in memory of statement Gilberto Francois ‘Betico’ Croes (January 25th 1938…

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San Sebastien Street Festival and 2BKaribbean

San Sebastian Street Festival known as the Mardi Gras of Puerto Rico

The San Sebastian Street Festival (Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastián) is an annual event celebrated on the streets of Old San Juan in Puerto Rico. It was started as…

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