Spragga Benz Shows Why His Musical Style Differ(s) from The Rest

Spragga Benz is well known throughout his over three decades in the dancehall business for his innovative style and lyrical prowress.

With his latest release, he illustrates yet again why his musical style just ‘Differ (s)’ from the rest. This song, produced by Toddla T under the Buttercut Records Label is from his forthcoming album ‘Chilliagon.’ It has a unique style and flavor, similar to his past dancehall hits but with distinct new ingredients that can make it at home in a soca fete or at an EDM event.  Spragga Benz has showcased his musical versatility throughout his career, experimenting with different sounds and styles that have all built his reputation as one of the icons in the reggae/dancehall industry. Differ is yet another example of his willingness to step away from his comfort zone and bring new music to the masses that entertains and intrigues.

Check it out below! Available for purchase on all streaming services.

Ambassador 5 Interview -> (Click Here)




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