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YUMA.. The Carnival Gods Have Answered Our Prayers.

This has been a year with good costumes but nothing to make me go crazy over. In fact, I was seriously doubting if I was going home for carnival, and…

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Oh bacchanal! The costumes looking good. No, but seriously, the costumes look very well bedazzled. I have come to the opinion that Fantasy is the band if you want bling…

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Haaaarts! OK, so I can’t help but be excited about Harts because for me, Harts is nostalgia. The band evokes memories of my teenage years and before. Harts isn’t just…

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12 MUST DO’s to Prepare for Trinidad & Tobago Carnival

By Marissa Williams Making a decision to go experience Carnival in Trinidad & Tobago is one that you will never regret as long as you live.  This annual festivity, born in…

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So it’s band launch season again, and yes we know that Greece is having issues with their debt to the World Bank, and America has problems with deep racism manifesting…

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REVELNATION- A dawn of a new era for Miami Carnival

Miami Carnival is fast approaching and the excitement is building for what promises to be a great experience for those of us that miss and crave that home carnival feeling,…

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